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- | Cleaning The Sewing Room

Cleaning The Sewing Room

How I Decorated and Organized My Sewing Room

Taking some time to get my house in order! My sewing room was actually so bad that it was impossible to walk through, impossible to close the door. It was actually worse than it appears in this photo! So sad!

Sewing Room

All it took was a couple days of attention to get it back in working order. (Though there’s still some stuff that could be decluttered around the edges…)

The Ikea Expedit white cubes to the left are filled with fabric, mainly. Mostly lace, ribbons and cute cotton prints.  The tv is wall mounted and I can hook it up to my computer. The rose ornaments you see hanging above the doorway and the window are from CrownMolding , the Paris glitter sign is from Paris1900. Lace panel curtains are from Lowe’s. Glass cases, the white desk and large white cube (Expedit) shelves are from Ikea. OTT Light from Joann’s.

Below, I have some of my Super Dollfie sitting on sofas on the ground there. Behind them, my beloved Baby the Stars Shine Bright parasols. Behind the door there is a thread rack.

The long mirror was on sale but gold, so I repainted it. White frames are from Marshall’s and Target. White scallop shelves are from Target. (There are CLAMP chess pieces on them.) The framed corkboard is for inspirational pics while I’m working on a particular project. The photos are ones that Kyle took of AJ and I in our Rose of Versailles costumes. The one postcard in the oval frame is Imai Kira.

Some of the stuff in the case: Ariel and Rapunzel Animator’s Collection dolls, pink glittery Gloomy Bear, Baby the Stars Shine Bright Paris Anniversary pillow, Sheep Garden Little Ram Bag and Milky the Fawn Bag from Angelic Pretty, Lulu’s stuffed Moogle from FFX and Parakiss jewelry/music box.

Closet with a fold-down ironing board. I keep a lot of Super Dollfie clothes in the bins in there and some of my lolita clothing. There’s a small chest of drawers in there off to the side which hold mainly resin casting stuff. There’s another thread rack in the closet as well.

Pink stuffed Tako-san(s) are a gift from Sonia. Some items in the case: a Futurama Gender Bender, Momoko dolls, Han Solo, the 10th Doctor, James Bond, Dansko Beast and Mattel Broadway Belle, wedding Hello Kitty set and various other things.

A great thing about this room is that there’s a little alcove which is EXACTLY the right size for an animation desk. This allows me to have a nice private place to draw/work. You can see some of the clutter here that’s yet to be cleared out, but it’s serviceable. I have more Ikea cubes in here for more fabric, too.


  • Dixie

    03.07.2012 at 21:52 Reply

    I feel less bad about mine. It’s probably a little worse but it’s nice to know there are others who make messes while working. Now I have to figure out how to sneak in a bunch of free fabric work gave me!

    Btw – wasn’t this supposed to be a future baby room? 😉

    • aimeemajor

      04.07.2012 at 08:39 Reply

      Oh yes, I’m very messy while I’m working and I tend to make piles that stay for a while, it’s a bad habit. I need to do better about every once in a while just cleaning for about an hour, then it wouldn’t get so bad like this!
      We actually have two blue rooms, so… there’s another one we’re working on for the nursery. :)

  • Amy

    04.07.2012 at 07:23 Reply

    Nice work! I see Youta was helping you clean – good kitty! >^_^<

    • aimeemajor

      04.07.2012 at 08:39 Reply

      Youta: “You’re doing THINGS. I must SIT HERE.”

  • Loren

    04.07.2012 at 11:23 Reply

    Wow, great transformation! And what a pretty and pleasant work space you’ve ended up with. I love the animation alcove too.

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