Colette Dahlia Plaid Dress

Just a quick post! I finished my cotton plaid Colette Dahlia pattern dress!

It’s not exactly adventurous of me to make a plaid dress when one of the sample dresses was plaid, but I had already wanted to make a plaid dress and loved how their’s looked! I also loved that I was able to find this fabric for $2 a yard. Score! The pattern went together pretty easily and I liked how it was designed to work well with stripes and plaids. They even have a special PDF for tips for matching stripes and plaids. I added pockets. 🙂

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Lovely job. It’s perfect. Just one question: how did you get on with the neckline? I’m part-way through mine and the neckline is gaping like crazy.

SewSouth- I just followed the directions, if you haven’t gathered the neckline and applied the bias tape it’s going to gap a lot, that’s one of the last steps.

I love your dress. The plaid and the color are very flattering! It is sewn so well!

Thanks so much!

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