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Colette Patterns and Blog – Friday Fave

Colette Patterns and Blog – Friday Fave

For this Friday Fave, I’d like to show you Colette patterns and the Coletterie blog!

Colette does beautiful vintage inspired patterns. I really enjoyed making up their Jasmine blouse (you can see pics of mine here.) Their patterns come with a beautiful book and great instructions. There’s something soothing about going through the instructions because they are presented in such a lovely way. You can read some reviews on their patterns here.

On top of this they have an AWESOME blog. Regularly they post embellishment inspiration and recently they started a feature series on the inside construction of beautiful vintage gowns. Check out this construction details post on a vintage wedding gown and this lovely little post on beaded bows, this one on embroidered accents and this sailor collar post.


They’ve just a few days ago released their newest pattern a vintage inspired shirtdress or peplum shirt called Hawthorn! Check out these Joan-esque photos! (More here.)


Colette is going to start a Hawthorn “Sew-a-Long” . And no, I don’t get anything cool for showing you all this, I just like their patterns so far and am excited about the Sew-a-Long!

I’m planning on trying to do the sew-a-long (in my infinite free time) out of this beautiful pink strawberry fabric I found in my stash (below). I’m excited to finally try to participate. It seems like every time someone does one, it’s bad timing for me or not a pattern I’m interested in or it’s already past!



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