Costume College 2009

Costume College

Costume College is basically an event that focuses on historical (and some “other” and fantasy) costuming classes with some dressup events. It’s a great idea, cause I love learning and wearing foofy gowns, right?

I went to Costume College 2009 with Judy. I enjoyed Costume College a lot more this year than I had when I went a few years ago. I don’t know if it was because the classes were more up my alley or because I knew more people? Met lots of snazy ladies, too. “Hey, don’t I know you online…?”

Also, I think it’s interesting that, in general my impression is that this crowd is more interested in craftsmanship than most of the anime and sci/fi conventions. Ie, it’s less about how “hawt” you are and more about “oh my god, did you embroider that?!” People also seem very willing to share their construction techniques. Both are a refreshing change.  Which is not to say that I don’t still really love my anime/sci-fi cons. I do. It’s just different.

Some of my classes:

~~~ draping a modern bustier (she used me as the model, so I got to keep the muslin! sweet!)
~~~ 18th century ribbon trim (obviously up my alley)
~~~ Women’s Riding Jackets (a lecture with lots of great pictures and info. SO AWESOME. I love jackets)
~~~ Draping Robe a la Francaise (by Kendra (demode) great class. guess I’m going to have to wait for next time I see Judy though so that we can drape each other…) …. I’m pretty happy with my red dress as a first try… but, I really want to make another one with what I learned.
~~~ Construction of 17th-18th century shoes
~~~ Women’s Jackets (18th Century) and Women’s textiles (both by Sally Queen,… and I got one of her fabric swatch books! She was SO INTERESTING. Loved these lectures. Learned a lot)
~~~ 1770’s big hair – by Kendra (demode) (definitely got my thoughts going about wig structures! lovely wigs)
~~~ Fop/Dandy lecture (yay!)

Prince Charming teaching us how to make historical shoes! He arrived with a cape on, too.  It was really really interesting, actually. I understand a lot more about shoes and have a huge respect for shoemakers now! (but I need another hobby like a shot in the head…)

The gorgeous shoes he made (18th century men’s ) (You can see more of his stuff here)

Then, getting ready for the ball!  This is basically where everyone wore their best outfits. We had a nice dinner, some games and a dance.  Judy and I did each other’s hair while watching Harry Potter. This is pretty much all our natural hair, with the exception of a donut inside. I was pretty impressed!

It’s kindof super amusing that it took an hour each to do our hair, but only about 15-30 minutes to get into corset and gowns.

Ready for the ball! We wore our Chevalier gowns.

Judy’s edges are scallop-pinked, her stomacher is hand embroidered (couching, I believe?) She quilted her petticoat.

This lady (vanessa-lynne) was one of my favorites. I loved her teal/purple changeable gown and her hair was so fabulous.

This “gentleman” was SO AWESOME. going around holding all the ladies’ hands. Obviously I need to make a pink frockcoat now.

The table setting for the ball. It was so Marie Antoinette’s birthday party!
We also played the “stick the paper/name on your head and guess who I am game”.

Dancing ladies.

Dancing was kind of amusing in these gowns and corsets. Cause you have t-rex arms and you can’t bend at the waist, at all. So there was a lot of spinning. Haha.

Squeeing over this lovely lady’s embroidered peacock stomacher. (photo thanks to vanessa-lynne)

(photo thanks to vanessa-lynne)

(photo thanks to vanessa-lynne)

Some various lovely ladies we saw throughout the weekend:
(please pardon the low quality of some photos, we often were running around or in low light situations.


Love this style.  ( jubilima)


Her stomacher and jacket are also embroidered!


My photos do her no justice, but this ladies dress was a gorgeous changeable silk and her wig was AMAZING! (she made it). (check out how tall my head is compared to her wig. haha.)

Two lovely sisters

I love my Baby, the Stars Shine Bright bracelet. Also, you can see some of the scalloping I did that took forever. haha.

Winding down for the evening and de-princessing
one of Judy’s hair caterpillars is trying to escape to better lands.

what my hair looked like after it was taken down

The next day was a Costume College tradition, Sunday’s Undies! Basically, everyone wears their historical underpants for breakfast,… since many ladies spend a long time making their underpants, and they’re often quite beautiful. I borrowed Judy’s Victorian chemise since I haven’t had time to make a period one for my 18th century stuff yet. But the stays (corset) and the hoops here are mine. 🙂

Random Super Dollfie photo! I brought June with me to go to the doll meet… but I ended up getting caught in a good conversation with Bridget and Heath and company,… so I didn’t end up going.

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