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- | Costume College 2011

Costume College 2011

I had a great time at Costume College this year! More and more over the past couple years I’ve been getting interested in historical costuming and I appreciate the atmosphere that various historic events have. Costume College is basically historic costuming classes during the day and then costume parties at night!

You can find more pictures at my flickr, Arandale’s flickr, Anne in Scottsdale flickr, bauhausfrau’s flickr , jennylafleur and demode’s flickr. And if you want to see 2012 Costume College photos or 2009 Costume College photos, try here.  You also might enjoy seeing my photos from the Petite Trianon 18th century event here.

This marks the end of my extremely busy summer convention season, WHEW! I still have a lot of deadlines at work, so I’m not free yet,… but, I can see the end of the tunnel!

I missed Friday’s classes but was able to make it to the evening icecream social (complete with delicious toppings!). Several of us wore Victorian bustly gowns for the occasion. I really adore my pink stripey froufrou Victorian, it fills me with glee when I wear it.

bauhausfrau, love3angle , me, jennylafleur, Judy

Photo by Sarah.
Judy, Sarah, me, Bunny, Kendra.

Did you see Bunny’s (butterballbunny) amazing hat? Jane Smith (the lady who made the hats for The Duchess) was there and she really loved Bunny’s hat, too! But really, how could you not love Bunny’s hat. I love that she stitched “Bunny” on it, and all the little pearls on the pleats.

The awesome back of Kendra.

vanessa-lynne! I love everything she makes.

Lauren I love everything she makes, too!

I’m sorry, did you miss her AMAZING HAT?

Photo by bauhausfrau

Back of my dress. :)
Photo by bauhausfrau

I love the detailing on her trim and the color of her dress!

Saturday I took vanessa-lynne’s 40’s hairstyling class which was REALLY interesting. I’m totally going to try cold setting my hair in soft curlers now. Lots of really inspiring vintage photos, too. Once you start to understand a few basic techniques it’s much easier to understand what’s going on in those old drawings and photos.

After that I was able to catch part of Kendra’s Robe à la Turque/ polonaise class and was able to learn a little more about various differences in gowns.

Then Judy, Bunny and I had a Boutis Provencal puffed quilting class which was surprisingly easy and very peaceful/fun work. I can see me using this technique sometime in the future… no idea on what, perhaps just put it on everything. haha.

I was also able to catch most of Malaki Keller’s craftfoam armor technique class. He had some good ideas for sealing craftfoam (well, actually it’s L200) using tool dip and good painting ideas as well as great patterning technique. Apparently he made a whole Iron Man suit that way! I think THIS is his site?

Then it was time to get ready for the Gala which is basically a big costume ball with food, dancing, raffles and such.

jennylafleur‘s Queen of the Night costume

I love how classy her riding outfit is!

Sparkly Cinderella shoes!

The Mistress of the Gala! You guys, she has skeletons and octopuses attached to her skirt. AAAAH, SO COOL.

Jane Smith really liked Judy’s candy-coated sherbert hat, too! Doesn’t the hat really just make her dress all that much more awesome?

So fabulous.

Photo by bauhausfrau

love3angle (left) in her amazing hot pink king suit. SO AWESOME. I decided to wear my Yang Guifei-inspired hanfu again.

Photo by bauhausfrau

See. Fabulous.

The girl on the left (jenthompson) made a Victorian fancy dress TELEGRAPH outfit. I can’t even deal with how neat it was! She had tiny electric poles for a crown. On the right is bauhausfrau in her fabulous checked Victorian fancy dress! Photo by bauhausfrau


Judy and I
Photo by bauhausfrau

Judy’s shoe on the SHOE PHOTO glittery platform.

Heath and Judy!

Photo by jennylafleur

On Sunday I slept in a bit and got into my saree regency outfit with Judy’s help.

I’ll spare you my bad hall-photo of her and show you jennylafleur’s lovely photo of Lauren being fabulous in an excessively fluffy cute hat.

I went to Janea Whitacre’s 18th/19th century Calash bonnet class. Basically, ladies had big hair (or hats) and they wanted another big bonnet to cover all that up. Thus, really really big collapsible bonnet. EPIC. They’re actually not that hard to make. I’m hoping once I get done with my work deadlines that I can finish it up in a day or two. Mine will be black with purple lining, covered in ruffles of course.

Me in a smaller calash bonnet by Janae.

After the class a lot of us put on historic or vintage styled swimsuits and hung out by the pool. So relaxing!

How many times can I squee in this post?
Katherine , ?, Lauren

Photo by jennylafleur

After that I had a pile of delicious carbs while NOT wearing a corset with Bunny and Vanessa and we watched part of the Count of Monte Cristo while wearing tiaras. Pretty great way to end the convention, I say!

Unless I have some dire conflict, I’ll be back next year, especially since next year’s theme is the Golden Age of Hollywood! (yeaaah!)

You can find more pictures at my flickr, Arandale’s flickr, Anne in Scottsdale flickr, bauhausfrau’s flickr , jennylafleur and demode’s flickr.



  • Claire Hummel

    07.08.2011 at 00:07 Reply

    Yup, pretty much want EVERYTHING HERE and want to squee loudly at the women making them. I think the vintage swimsuits just about put me over the edge, way too cute. :)


  • Rhona M Tennant

    07.08.2011 at 01:05 Reply

    AAHHH i soo need to go to this convention!!! absolutely gorgeous photos, you look like you’re having the time of your life! love all the outfits, especially your regency gown. Beautiful! <3

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