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- | Costume College 2013 Photos

Costume College 2013 Photos

I had another fabulous time at Costume College 2013 this year! More photos below!

I took a classes on making mechanical wings, making an 18th century child’s white pleated gown, foam costume construction and historical fans. I got to see tons of fabulous costumes from many different eras, learned a lot, was inspired and had a blast with friends.

The theme for Costume College 2013 was Cavalier (Three Muskateers style) with a touch of pirate. I wish I’d had time to do something up for that theme, but with my limited time I went with already finished costumes and stash projects.

Ladies in mourning
Costume College 2013

Jennifer and Merja
Costume College 2013

Francis making shoes!
Costume College 2013

Shoe making tools!
Costume College 2013

The costume exhibit (all made by attendees)
Costume College 2013

My Rapunzel

Chantal’s stripey Victorian

Kendra’s movie Marie Antoinette

Inspired by My Little Pony gown

Another lovely gown by Chantal

A beautiful gown made out of an embellished Indian saree

Gorgeous embellished gown by Mela. I loved the different textures of fabrics used and the ribbons and beads.

AJ‘s Astharoshe from Trinity Blood

HCC’s Lord of the Rings Easterling Armor (parts of these were the one I wore, haha.)

The Icecream Social! This is one of the two big “show off your pretty costume” events at Costume College.

There were lots of 18th century Disney princesses and villains! From the left, Cinderella, me and the twins (as Ariel), Tinkerbelle, Ariel and Snow White.

Loren as Cruella, me as Ariel with the twins and Chantal as Maleficent

Alyxx as Ursula

Loren‘s 18th century Cruella

Loren and Kendra

Jenny’s 18th century Facillier from Princess and the Frog

back detail

18th century Rapunzel!

AJ’s teal Indian saree Regency

Lovely Victorian





Saturday during the day I wore my new “curtain-a-long” outfit. Jen Thompson and many others started making historic outfits out of this lovely Indienne printed curtain at Lowe’s by Waverly!┬áSince prints like this are a bit hard to find and this was an easy way to get it, many people joined along and made outfits out of the same fabric. My 18th century jacket was made out of one package of curtains.

I sadly missed the Saturday meetup due to a class but I still saw many matching ladies throughout the day!

More curtain ladies in the black colorway!

Me and Kendra. We based our jackets on the same fluffy extant garment.

Beautiful fans in the unlimited historical fan class I attended.

Malaki Keller’s foam construction class!

The Gala is the big night for folks to wear their pretty things! There’s a “red carpet” entrance, a meal, a live themed band and a dance.

Part of the group of friends I sat with for the Gala!

Judy’s fabulous black and white striped Victorian!


Alyxx’s whimsical Victorian “fancy dress” goldfish!


Loren’s black bird Victorian. I love the different textures she used and the pleats.

Miriam’s blue and pink Regency. I love her petal sleeves, the twisted pleating at the front of the bodice and the beautiful piping.

AJ’s Chinese outfit. She was able to use the beautiful teal silk from her Indian saree Regency as the trim on this!

The table decor! The lucky winner of the table (me by proxy) went home with the mask.

These were the teachers in my mechanical wings class! Her dragon wings and his wings move automatically via servos hidden in the costumes.

Cavalier ladies

Beautiful 18th century costumes

Bunny and Vanessa in their ridiculously fabulous 18th century dresses with embroidered muffs.

Bunny’s muff

Vanessa’s muff

Me and Francis in his gorgeous fancy 18th century coat!

Detail on Francis’ coat


Beautiful back detail

Ginger Lane

Check out these gorgeous ribbon roses!

More stunning Victorians! The dark green is Lauren of American Duchess, the peach is Jennifer of Festive Attyre and the pink on the right side is Merja of Before the Automobile. I love all of their blogs!

Dancing a pirate polka.

Gorgeous nautical Victorian

See you next year!


  • Loren

    05.08.2013 at 19:20 Reply

    Wow, you got some amazing pictures! So nice to see things I missed at coco like that beautiful nautical Victorian. I had a lot of fun at the dinner table with you. :)

  • Karisu

    05.08.2013 at 19:28 Reply

    Everyone looks lovely! And I am happy to see the final result on Judy’s awesome Black & White striped dress!

  • Jen Thompson

    07.08.2013 at 10:18 Reply

    You got so many wonderful pictures! It was wonderful to meet you and I LOVE your curtainalong jacket. I wish I had gotten to hang out with you more!

    • aimeemajor

      07.08.2013 at 10:27 Reply

      Thanks a bunch, Jen! It was lovely to meet you, too! Maybe another time we can actually have a moment to talk, haha.

  • Jennifer Bristow

    07.08.2013 at 12:26 Reply

    Thanks for taking such great photos!

  • Mi

    08.08.2013 at 07:50 Reply

    Aimeeeeeeeeeeee, it was so much fun, and your girls are so cute, and I wish we lived closer ;_______;

  • Katherine

    08.08.2013 at 08:37 Reply

    Great photos! So much beauty… I felt bad to miss it, this helps me share in the fun. I especially love the Cavalier ladies, and the wonderful embroidered muffs!

  • Val LaBore

    09.08.2013 at 07:58 Reply

    Thank you for the photo of four of our ladies in mourning!
    This was a beautiful group of photos.

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