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- | Costume College, Katharine Hepburn & Bass

Costume College, Katharine Hepburn & Bass

I got my Costume College registration packet right before leaving for China and mailed in my requests for limited classes (just in time!) If you’re interested in historical fashion and costuming, it’s a really great con! The tickets for the college, events and classes tend to fill up, though, so you have to do it sooner rather than later.

I decided to try for the classes: “Learn Boutis Provencal” (which I think would be rad for making blouses and decorative items…), “Make a Calash Bonnet” (which I just think are super romantic… and I want more hats and I love 18th century), “Silk Painting for Beginners” and “Making a Hat Box”. I’m also thought the “Recovering A Parasol”, “Making Your Own Beaded Appliques”, “Hairstyles of the 1940’s”, various foam armor construction classes by Malaki Keller, Kendra’s “18th Century Polonaise & Turque” class, “Basic Leatherworking”, “Metal Thread Embroidery”, “Simple Blackwork Embroidery”, “Take a Ribbon and Fold” and lot of other classes looked interesting. We’ll see how many I have time to take. :)

I was really tempted by the empire-waisted 1940’s pants class (I’m really into 40’s and 50’s stuff right now…) but it conflicted with some other stuff I was interested in, so I think I’ll get this pattern from the fabulous Course, I still haven’t this fabulous blouse yet. I can’t decide what fabric to make it in. I think something silky… perhaps with brightly colored dots.

I also saw a really great silky olivey-apply-green skirt at Madewell (instore) last week. You can’t see in their online store, but it has nice big pockets and has a very flowy, yet safari, feel. It makes me want to make a skirt like it, or perhaps do up this dos pattern in a silky green.

and I really wanted to make some khaki wide-leg pants using this Simplicity 4044 pattern … or this Vogue 8502 one or perhaps draft my own?

A silky top like this from Madewell would look great with some wide pants like the ones above. Maybe I’ll make it myself so I can choose the fabric and save money.

Can you tell I’m really into Katharine Hepburn and Amelia Earhart style right now?

Bass ♥ Rachel Antonoff .

I’m SO in love with this! It’s a little Mori-girl, isn’t it? ALSO THEY COME IN SIZE 11. My favorite is perhaps the LADY (high-heeled oxford) in CREAM/PINK, but they’re all pretty cute.


  • Sophie

    24.04.2011 at 14:37 Reply

    Where do you get your fabrics for your sewing projects? I was thinking about trying to make a few outfits but my local stores don’t have a lot to pick from and they aren’t very good about ordering things, either.

    • aimeemajor

      24.04.2011 at 15:13 Reply

      ah, well, I wish I could help you more! Most often I get my fabrics from the LA Fabric District (corner of Maple and 9th Streets) or I get fabric from Joann’s Fabric. I do some ordering online, but mostly for prints. You can find some links here:

    • Sophie

      24.04.2011 at 15:20 Reply

      Der, that’s handy! Guess I should have looked first. lol Thanks!

  • Irene

    07.06.2011 at 20:58 Reply

    HI Aimee! Great website! I am impressed by all that you have done/ and do!

    I got to your website because I was looking for more info on the Costume College… I just learn about its existance and I am so confused! I read their wonderful list of classes (and the ones you signed up for look awesome- I wanna go to!) but I don’t understand if classes are practical/hands-on (as some say “lecture on….”) and if they last a day, half a day, three days (???) how can one choose or even decide to go if it is not clear for the newby? Anyhow, I sent them an email – I don’t need to bug you, but if you feel like commenting on how it is like to be there I would really appreciate your candid comments and suggestions.

    Muchas gracias! Domo arigato gozaimas!


    • aimeemajor

      07.06.2011 at 21:01 Reply

      Hi! every class is different. Some are workshops and some are lectures. Even the lectures are very interesting though if it’s a subject you like, like last year I attended one about a particular dress designer, and the lecturer had detailed photos of the construction of the inside of the dress, it was really cool.
      The thing is though, it’s best to sign up for Costume College in advance. The limited classes are already full, but you can still attend the nonlimited ones for this year. When they send you the packet, it details how long each class is and what it’s like, etc. but they can answer more of your questions via your email.

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