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- | Dickens Fair 2011

Dickens Fair 2011

We had a great time again at Dickens Fair in San Francisco last weekend! It’s one of my favorite yearly historical events. It’s kind of like Renaissance Fair, but it’s Victorian (roughly 1850s). It’s indoors with adorable little London houses, shops and restuarants.  Characters from Charles Dickens’ books run around and it’s just plain adorable and Christmasy.

I just barely had time to finish my husband’s outfit and mine. I was actually sewing feathers onto my hat the night before! I made Mitch’s waistcoat, the rest was from USHIST and Gentlemen’s Emporium. You can read about how I made my dress here. Our dresses are from a slightly later Victorian time period than what is worn at Dickens Fair, but there aren’t many Victorian events to wear such gowns to, and what can we say, we love BUSTLES.  We got a couple cute, “Oh, this must be the new French fashion!”

Sadly, it’s too dark inside to take really good photos, so we’ll have to take these dresses out again sometime and get some pretty photos of them!

Some photos are from AJ!

Here’s Marcus delinting Mitch before we went in.

Waiting to get in!


Miriam, Judy and AJ, all in their new dresses for Dickens Fair! This is Miriam’s first Victorian! She matched all the stripes along the seams so beautifully!

First thing we did was get meat pies and cookies. (Which are SUPER DELICIOUS, by the way…)

Judy and my dresses are from matching fabric we got in Beijing, China. They’re just different colorways. (AJ has some, too. She’ll make her’s later.)

The back of AJ and Judy bustling (ho, ho) about.

me and AJ

me and Mitch

Part of the Legion Fantastique‘s fabulous display.

This mortal form grows weak! I require sustenance!

If you pay attention, a lot of people walking around Dickens are performing little mini plays, like this fellow carrying too many packages.

Ladies getting their hair done!

Husbando is SO DASHING.

Still dashing!

This is one of my favorite little alcove areas.

Buying soap!

Checking out hats. (check out the girls in the window. :) :) )

The Greater Bay Area Costuming Guild meet-up.

sihaya_chan in a really pretty mid-victorian dress.

We caught a British-style pantomime! Something about Cinderella, Aladdin, The Big Bad Wolf, Pan, and and and… :) I liked the cross dressing evil stepsisters.

One of the shop workers making candles.

I got to see Happy!Scrooge by accident and wished him a Happy Christmas. He wished me one, too and when I took out my pink celphone (which matched my dress) he said “My! You do love pink, don’t you! Good God!” in a goodnatured way. it was adorable. XD

Me, Keith, Abby, Randy and Judy. (aren’t their Sherlock Holmes costumes great?)


  • J Wilson

    19.12.2011 at 06:39 Reply

    You, your husband (how dashing!) and your friends look so lovely! Please pass along my compliments to all of them.

    And I adore the picture of you in the milliners with the younger girls looking in. It is like a scene from a story: blushing young girls in the middle of some romantic adventure, looking in with eagerness at the pretty married woman who can afford such lovely hats. Can’t help but smile.

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