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- | Fanime Artist Alley 2016
Photos and details from being part of Artist Alley at Fanime 2016 as well as cosplay and coordinate photos!
Fanime Artist Alley
Fanime Artist Alley 2016

Fanime 2016 Report

I had a lovely time at Fanime 2016 Artist Alley!

I really enjoyed being able to exhibit at Fanime’s Artist Alley this year. I don’t do Artist Alley or dealer’s booths that often and this particular con had a really wonderful selection of talented artists attending! I loved looking around the alley multiple times admiring all the artwork! I hope I can go back again next year! I felt like I learned a lot from this experience, seeing so many awesome artist setups, and I’m looking forward to doing more Artist Alley in the future. My next one will be CTNX 2016.

Huge thanks to my friend generous Annie for sitting with me most of the weekend so that I could take breaks! My friends Gina and Judy also brought me food!


On top of admiring the art in the Artist Alley, I really enjoyed seeing cosplayers and fashionable folk walking by. Here’s a few of my favorites!

Super awesome toter suit!! Love the dustbunny leaf.

Beautiful lolita bunny coordinate! She had amazing rhinestones on her face and beautiful details all over.


Adorable and clever Super Mario lakitu cosplay!


Way cute and very well made girl version of Cute High Earth Defense Club Love came by my booth! Look how clean her craftsmanship is! Apparently there were other girls in this group, too, but I missed them!


Awesome Peggy Carter cosplay! I still want to make this someday.


Gorgeous cosplay based on Sakizou’s masquerade illustration by missadventurecosplay! This is actually one of my favorites of her’s so it was really neat to see it made!


Another adorable lolita coordinate! This one was totally covered in strawberries. I really love strawberry print!


Some of the adorable items I bought while in Artist Alley!

Kitsune charm by @chukairi and magical girl pin and 3Ds zelda charm by @milkbun !


Adorable gift of Steven Universe Pins by my talented friend zambicandy!


Beautiful Steven Universe and unicorn pins from thousandskies and icecream rococo pin from pepper tea.


Here’s a couple photos of my Artist Alley booth wile I was there! I feel like I still have a lot to learn when it comes to booth construction and display.  This was my first time constructing a PVC pipe collapsible display. Each PVC piece was under 2′ so that I could easily fit all the parts in my luggage. I used  I didn’t have anything fall over, but I’d like to have a larger name banner for the top of the PVC structure and another for hanging off the table. I also cut some cork to fit into a rococo frame I had to mount my charms and buttons. Next time I’d like to cover the cork in white fabric so that the transparency of the charms shows up better.



Me with my friend Diana!


One of the evenings we went out for a special meal since I’m not up in the San Jose area that often. We went to the delicious Orchard City Kitchen! I don’t remember what I had, but it was fabulous and worth it.


Lastly here’s a few of my outfits from the weekend. The red and white striped top is from Torrid, the pink skirt is from Modcloth and the pink dress is the Madison from PinupGirlClothing.



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