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Once again this year, I was really busy with work on Futurama. (I’m an Assistant Director on Futurama). Actually this year, I’d say I was the busiest I’d ever been with work. That meant that perhaps I did less personal work than I would have liked, but I’m pretty proud of the work we did on Futurama, so it works out.

I was particularly happy with the stuff in “All the Presidents’ Heads” and an episode we’re finishing up right now which I can’t tell you about.¬†Anyway, here’s a few animated gifs from All the Presidents’ Heads that I drew/worked on.

I was really happy to be able to put the Doctor and the TARDIS (from Doctor Who ) into the episode and it actually stayed in the aired version!

And from an animation dork standpoint, fitting Zoidberg doing a Ministry of Silly Walk was pretty awesome.

I was also really happy with how beautiful our Futurama episode, Law and Oracle, came out. (with the Tron references) Of course, both of these episodes were actually MADE in 2010,… but since they aired 2011, I’ll leave them here (since I can’t show you the episodes that I worked on this year…)

Other than work stuff, here’s some personal artwork I did this year that I particularly liked. If you click on the image, it will take you to DA, so you can fave it if you like.

I had fun doing this Macoto and chinese illustration inspired version of Disney’s Mulan.

This one was a commission for Kyle.

I liked how this art I did of Doctor Who’s “The Doctor’s Wife” turned out.

Had fun playing with computer coloring with this Tangled piece (for the first time in a long time)

True Facts.

I liked this piece done for Michelle’s Bunnies and Bows show!

and I liked this little comic I did showing how I feel about storyboarding sometimes. I learned a lot this year!

I did do more art than this this year, you can see some of it here:
Misc Fanart
Doctor Who Fanart
and the art category on my blog

And if you’d like to see what costumes I made this year, click here.

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