Flower Headdress Tutorial – Adventures in Hotglue

I’ve been meaning to make this for an obscenely long time. Last night after I got home from work, I watched an episode of Doctor Who while hotgluing strawberries together.


Lately I’ve really enjoyed the fashion fusion going on in the Japanese magazine Alice Deco A La Mode. It mixes Gothic and Lolita brand items with mainstream fashion items to make something a little bit more versatile and playful.
In the first issue they had this gorgeous strawberry headdress that I fell in love with.

^—- the original headdress from Alice Deco

I knew I had to make something like it. Actually, I bought the stuff to make it months ago. That’s rather pathetic, really. But I get busy with other stuff and a strawberry headdress just isn’t high on the priority list, eh?

Strawberry garland, easter egg sprigs, red and pink beads, variegated pink silk roses, gradient pink ribbon, white ribbon, red silk roses and various other crap with the Alice Deco reference. All of this stuff is from Michael’s Crafts, pretty much.

I basically took a piece of very heavy interfacing, covered it in fabric (with hotglue) and then attached a long ribbon for the ties. Then I tied the variegated pink ribbon in a bow and glued it to one side. After that, I just started layering flowers, beads, strawberry leaves, strawberry flowers, and strawberries (with hot glue). (As a tip if you want to try it, … try laying out the items in a pile kind-of like you’re going to do before you glue them, it helps visualize it.) I’m sure there are more high-tech ways to make this sort of thing, but I wasn’t in the mood.

One episode of Doctor Who, one hot-glue burn and 4 glue sticks later… finished headdress!

Forgive my disheveled self. I’m seriously exhausted. But, it gives you scale. 🙂

Here’s me wearing it with an outfit!
straw01 straw03

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This is very cute and I myself would love to make a headdress like this.But will probably have to order supplies on line.

Esther, you should try it! You can buy stuff online or buy items from craft stores like Michaels, Beverly’s or Joann’s or even the 99 cent stores have flowers and things you might be able to use. Goodluck!

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