Flynn and Rapunzel Cosplay at a Waterfall

This weekend we went with Annie out to a waterfall in the Los Angeles National Forest. I’d been wanting to do a shoot by a waterfall for a while but hadn’t gotten the chance and I wanted to get a few more shots of Mitch’s Flynn before he shaves his beard.

We hadn’t been to this particular waterfall for probably 8 years or so. Sadly it was in a much worse condition than it was last time I’d been. Almost every rock was COVERED in graffiti and there was a lot of broken glass. It was really sad. The photos you see below were taken at angles that would hide most of the graffiti then even after that, Annie spent a good time trying to photoshop out the rest of the graffiti. Honestly, how someone could see a gorgeous waterfall and even remotely think of putting graffiti all around it is beyond me.

Despite that, we got some really great shots thanks to Annie! (And we didn’t fall in the water!)

Again, you can read more about how I made my Rapunzel and Flynn Rider costumes on my site.

“I do like ducklings!” “Yay!”

“I’m a horrible person!”

We were going to grab some food after this so I switched into the smaller wig, but we figured we should at least get a couple photos of it, too. (This is Annie’s FFX Yuna wig… which is pretty much what was needed!)

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wow, it’s so cool. Thanks so much for sharing. I enjoy cosplay too.

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