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- | Friday Fave – Blindsprings webComic

Friday Fave – Blindsprings webComic

I’ve been looking for beautiful webcomics with good stories lately and this is one of my very favorites so far! Blindsprings by Kadi Fedoruk!

Blindsprings is an absolutely gorgeous full color comic about a girl who makes a pact with fairies for 300 years, alchemy-like magic and coming of age.

Just from seeing the first splash page I knew I would like it. The artist Kadi uses such beautiful shapes and compositions in her drawings. The design of the fairies is beautiful and haunting and the main character girl’s design is so adorable and appealing! I devoured it in a few days (even though there are plenty of pages) and I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here. So go check out Blindsprings on Hiveworks, it’s a real gem!


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