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- | Sakizo Artwork and Cosplay – Friday Faves

Sakizo Artwork and Cosplay – Friday Faves

Aimee loves Sakizo!

I’m starting a feature on my website which is basically “pretty stuff Aimee loves on Friday”.

sakizo artwork

To start off, I want to show you the watercolor artist Sakizo from Okayama, Japan! Their website is here and they have a DeviantArt account here.

Sakizo is well known for doing detailed fanciful, beautiful girl illustrations based on sweets, but the artist also has other themed collections based on things like flowers, jewels and perfume. Some illustrations are over the top rococo style and others feature embellished kimono.

The artist doesn’t speak English or sell overseas but you can buy their work from the shopping service Alice Books! I just placed an order with them. It seems like a lot of the books in this category on Alice Books are small artbooks that artists sell at comic cons. They have a lot of other beautiful artists, too. I’m really looking forward to getting them!

The artist also seems to like people cosplaying their work. Cosplayers definitely seem to like the cute designs and sumptuous details. You can view people cosplaying the artist’s appealing work here on World Cosplay website and here on the DeviantArt website. Below on the left Playing Cards cosplayed by KRYS, on the right Opal cosplayed by Shichi.

sakizo cosplay



  • Dixie

    04.03.2013 at 13:25 Reply

    Too precious. The more ruffles the better I say. I could gather and ruffle all day if I had to.

    Love the idea for this feature – and end of week pretty is what I need right before my weekends. :)

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