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- | Futurama Kogi Truck

Futurama Kogi Truck

Comedy Central rented out the Kogi BBQ truck for Rough Draft Studios today! YUM! We do the visual side of Futurama, Napoleon Dynamite and a couple other shows. Everyone was pretty excited about free delicious korean tacos… SO GOOD…

I haven’t posted about it for a little while, but if you follow me on twitter you’ve gotten bits of this already. We’re just now getting the full-color full-animation back on the Napoleon Dynamite show I assistant directed on… and then we’re finishing up the timing and revisions show #1 of the 7th season of Futurama (WOOO, EXCITING!)… and we’re ASLO starting storyboarding on show #8! (This is just what I personally am working on, there’s much more going on at the studio right now.) We have some great shows coming through, regrettably I can’t tell you anything, But I’ll look forward to everyone’s reactions when they finally air.

Edmund, one of the directors, added to the Kogi truck’s decoration with a Bender. :)

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