Gallifrey Doctor Who Con Coming, New Doctor Who Art

Hey folks! This is my new piece (Amy and the Eleventh Doctor having tea and Jammie Dodgers on the TARDIS) for Gallifrey One Doctor Who Convention in LA, NEXT WEEKEND Feb 17-19. It’s a really fun con, so if you like Doctor Who or Torchwood or Sci-Fi, head out!

I’m returning as a guest this year and will be at the very least at these places:
“Autographs” — Saturday, 1:00 PM, Meridian Room (I’ll be doing sketch demos, give aways and autographs)

“The State of SF TV & Film” — Saturday, 2:00 PM, Chicago/Dallas Rooms (likely talking about Futurama and things I think are pretty that explode…)

“Who-turama” — Saturday, 3:30 PM, Scottsdale Room (Behind the scenes on Futurama and Doctor Who Easter Eggs!)

Also several of my prints including this one will be available in the Art Gallery/ Print Shop!

So say hi!

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