Gallifrey One 2011 Doctor Who Con Report

Gallifrey One 2011

Had a great time, once again at Gallifrey! It’s such a friendly con, I really enjoy it. I was a guest again this year and did a couple panels, one on cosplaying and the other on the State of Sci-Fi TV/MOVIES (which was really cool actually… lots of interesting opinions from industry folks!).
Did an art demo, did well in the art show (THANKS YOU GUYS! The print shop was really cool this year!)Β and got extremely briefly on Craig Ferguson!

Karaoked till 4 am (despite being sick. HAHA!) as the 11th Doctor, which I have no photos of… haha… if you don’t blink, you can see me with short hair, coat-less and hat-less singing with Phil Ford at 3:24 in this video.
Met a bunch of awesome people and hung out. So GOOD CON.
If you like Doctor Who or Torchwood, you should go.

I finished my River Song costume just in time. (photos by Scott Sebring) They had a nice photobooth set up in the cosplay room!
The jacket is actually the same as the one she wears in the show, Gisil by Diesel, but the rest of it is on the cheap(ish) πŸ™‚ Even finished the gun! This is a modified Nerf Scout. It’s my first time using Apoxie Sculpt and I didn’t have much time… but in photos it gets the job done!
on DA

Here’s some random photos I took at Gallifrey.
The Master and Aged!10!

Three Doctors having breakfast. πŸ˜€
(10 has a banana. I’m not sure they even entirely planned this. I totally busted up on them.)

OH MY GOD. It’s an 11 that’s taller than me! πŸ˜€

Anytime Miriam makes something shiny I squee all over her. (The Master from the 8th Doctor movie)

Is this not THE BEST Capn John EVAR?
There was also a really great Capn Jack there. (Sparrow, not Harkness. hoho…)

Baby 11th Doctor, everyone’s favorite thing.

Equally adorable… a little kid dressed like 11 that is actually a fan. Check out his Daleks all lined up while he eats.

Here’s a couple photos thanks to honorarydoctor. Some of us doing the Companions Panel

Diana and Kevin were total angels and gave me a swatch of the 10th Doctor GAP pants that they found. AAAAH It’s REAL DOCTOR FABRIC < /dork> (photos thanks to honorarydoctor)

On a sidenote, Peter Davison was pretty chill and hilarious this year. Last year, he was supposed to come, but couldn’t, but he sent this apology video in his stead, and this year he DID come but again did a video for Opening Ceremonies:

I did some sketches for my art demo,… which I was happy, frankly, that anyone showed up for because it was a bit last minute and then the location changed at the last minute, too! So thanks, guys for coming and chatting with me!
Here’s the drawings I did for people (some were requests). Please forgive my drawings, I was pretty sick at Gally and I didn’t have any reference to go off, so this is all quickies from memory. πŸ™‚ But we had fun!

Chris Hardwick filmed for Craig Ferguson at Gallifrey. It was really cute that him and I think one of the guys from Myth Busters?? were not only there and geeking out with the fans.
Here’s a photo I took of them filming.

I got in there a tiny little bit. Haha, well, you can see my blonde River Song fro at about 2:29 saying Hi to Bridger. πŸ™‚


My not-so-long but beloved ribbon chain.

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