Gallifrey One Doctor Who Convention 2014



I had a blast at Gallifrey One Doctor Who Convention this year! Not only did I get to meet Billie Piper who is my favorite companion, Rose Tyler, in the show, but I just had a really nice chill time with a lot of my friends. I saw lots of fabulous costumes, too. I dressed up for most of the time as 50th Anniversary “Moment” Rose Tyler and my twin girls dressed up like Tooth and Claw Rose Tyler. I hope you enjoy my photos!

My mini Tooth and Claw Rose with a Dalek.

Me and a bunch of Jack Harkness!

My 50th Anniversary Moment Rose costume, photo by

Me and Billie Piper! Yay!

Me and my friend Oscar in the 8th Doctor TARDIS console

Entire gallery (with more images) here:

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Love the how the pic turned out of you and all of us Jacks 😉

Thanks for posing with me! I love Jack!

Please post a link to these at dw_cosplay at LJ. 🙂 Not many con reports this year, so I know members would like to see yr pics. 🙂

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