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- | The Geekie Awards 2014

The Geekie Awards 2014

Photos and report from the Geekie Awards 2014 last night!

Geekie Awards 2014

My good friend Judy Grivich was nominated for the “Best Cosplay” award at the Geekies this year for her amazing and huge Big Daddy from Bioshock costume. Judy spent a huge amount of time and skill making her Big Daddy so I was really pleased to see her nominated. You can see some of her early work in progress photos here, and some completed Big Daddy photos here. Due to her being on a cruise, she couldn’t come and asked me if I would be there to accept the award for her in case she won. I was really happy and honored to go for her and took my friend Michelle as my “plus one”.

I wanted to have a “nice” but geeky dress to wear to the awards so I decided to make a retro Star Wars dress in honor of Judy using Gertie’s Butterick 6019 pattern and the Star Wars block print from Joann’s. I did a lot of the additional modifications that Gertie walked through on her blog like adding a horsehair braid hemmed petticoat and flatlining the fashion fabric, etc. I really like how it turned out! The pattern is inspired by the dresses of Alfred Shaheen who was famous for doing gorgeous hawaiian dresses in the 50’s. I’ll have to make up a Hawaiian version next!
retro star wars butte rick 6019 dress

Hiphop Stormtrooper arriving, boom box and all!
Hiphop stormtrooper

The Geekie Awards was held in the beautiful Avalon theater in Hollywood. I loooove old theaters.
Geekie Awards 2014

The beautiful ceiling.

Me and Wendy Pini (of Elfquest!) Wendy was presenting one of the awards.

The nominees and guests waiting for the show to start.

Game of Thrones inspired Throne of “Axes”.
Geekie Awards 2014

The adorable Totoro ball gown girl sat with us!
totoro ball gown

One of my favorite things of the evening, this Lord of the Rings Eye of Sauron hat parodying the infamous hat Philip Treacy made for Princess Beatrice. The Eye lights up!
Eye of Sauron Hat

LeVar Burton accepting his Geek of the Year award!
LeVar Burton Geekie Awards 2014

My friend Judy’s Big Daddy up on the big screen!

And… OH MY GOSH, Judy won! Actor Doug Jones who was Abe Sapien from Hellboy (and a lot of other awesome things!) presented the Best Cosplay award to me on behalf of Judy! He was assisted by a baby T-Rex.  Judy asked me to say thank you and “Go Big or Go Home” which is kind of one of our cosplay mottos, especially for Judy who frequently makes costumes so huge and amazing!
Best Cosplay Geekie Awards 2014

StarTrek Continues cast accepting their Web Series award!
StarTrek Continues Geekie Awards 2014

Songhammer closing out the ceremony!
Songhammer Geekie Awards 2014

Me and Doug Jones again! What a sweetheart! He’s holding Judy’s Geekie Award.

Me with the Hip Hop Stormtrooper!

Me and Baby T-Rex with Judy’s cool blue ray gun award! Thanks for the fun times, Geekie Awards! Congrats again to all the winners and nominees!

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