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- | Fanime 2016 Artist Alley
I'm going to Fanime Artist Alley 2016! Come see my new charms and art prints!
fanime artist alley

Going to Fanime 2016 Artist Alley 1516

Hey! I’m going to be selling at Fanime 2016 this week! Come see me at Artist Alley table 1516!

Here’s part of the map to help you find me!


I have a lot of new prints, charms and buttons and bags! Woo! I have a limited amount of each one for this convention, and I don’t sell at conventions that often, so don’t miss out!

If you are NOT going to the con and would like to get buttons, charms or prints from me, please email me at (replace AT with @ ) and I will contact you after the convention. :)

The new Pokemon, Rowlet! I think Rowlet is totally the cutest! I realize he’s a ground pokemon, but I just got this idea of a branch of them and wanted to draw it. I studied some woodblock prints of sakura as reference for this image. I did it in COPIC marker and then edited the line work and colors some in Photoshop.


Michiru and Haruka from Sailor Moon. I had a lot of fun doing a ton of romantic roses on this one and working their personal talismans and symbols into the image. This was done with COPIC marker and a bit of white sakura gel pen with some minor editing in Photoshop.


Rose Quartz from Steven Universe. I love Rose Quartz, roses and her sword, so I simply had to do this image! Once again I used COPIC markers and edited the image in Photoshop.


I drew some cute mermaid kitties, kitsune, kappa, etc for buttons and double sided acrylic charms! I really had a lot of fun coming up with some cute and silly designs for these. I really love cats, mermaids and kitsune, etc, so these are all a reflection of that.

buttonscharms fanime3

I’ll also have some of my other recent prints.


Powerful Magic, Howl and Sophie

It Binds All Things – Jedi

Moon Goddess Yue from Avatar

See you there!

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