Guardians of the Galaxy DIY Flair Vest and Outfit


I couldn’t find any red jackets that I really loved. I’d love to get a “real” Star-Lord jacket someday but in the meantime, it’s pretty hot here in SoCal so I thought I’d go with a vest instead. I settled on this jeans vest since I couldn’t find any good red ones. I dyed it red with Rit Dye (easy!) and then started adding flair! I got the large back Guardians of the Galaxy patch on amazon here and the smaller GotG patch here. The star patches and heart axe pin are from sugarbones. The “bless your heart” pin is from Micheline Pitt. Awesome Mix pin from MoPin.

The cuff, Awesome Mix bag and t-shirt are from HotTopic!

vestfront vestback outfit

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