Handmade Baby Princess Dress

I made this baby princess dress for one of my best friends, Crystal’s adorable daughter Kaelyn’s first birthday! It’s my first time making this sort of thing for a baby.

I wanted the dress to be inspired a bit by Disney’s Ariel’s pink dinner dress.  In the Disney parks lately they’ve been doing a teal version of this dress and I thought it was really pretty.  Some of the glittery star fabric is remnants from my own Sleeping Beauty dress.

I drafted the pattern off of one of her existing dresses and just modified it a little bit, so I was sure it would fit her. The whole collar and sleeve cuffs are elastic. Also, the size of the back is larger than it needs to be and is made smaller with a ribbon waist tie, so she can wear it for longer. The skirt has layers of tulle inside (with a lining skirt as the bottom layer so the tulle doesn’t itch her.) I think it’s really cute how the tulle makes her skirt poof out! I think my main mistake was putting any sort of remotely scratchy lace near the collar area, I’ll be more careful about that next time.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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Gorgeous work! She looks adorable ^_^

omg this dress is absolutely adorable on her! I LOVE IT! and i had no idea you were expecting TWINS! double the excitement! your girls are gonna be so darling with such a creative skilled mommy!

Too cute! I know some people have also attached soft, thin fleece to where areas may rub against the skin. I’m wondering if that would add too much bulk.

that’s a good idea, thankyou!

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