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- | Happy New Year! Oshogatsu

Happy New Year! Oshogatsu

Happy New Year!

We went to Little Tokyo for a little while today for the New Year’s festival! I hadn’t worn kimono in a long time, so I dressed up. I wanted to do a coordinate with bright colors, in particular green and red. I’m a bit out of practice dressing, but I think it came out ok!
You can see my kitsuke coordinate here on lookbook, too.

I also had fun playing around a bit with my new camera. Olympus EPL3 with the 14-42mm kit lens.

Saw some of my friends briefly!

Hey, look! It’s twilight! (two lights in the sky because of the sun and the moon both being visible.)

Mitch. :3

my stripy tabi socks

My obi. This is a pretty old obi, so it’s a bit short, but still wearable!

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