Kickstarter Pins Have Arrived!

Hey! The Kickstarter pins have arrived and have already started shipping! Hurray! Thank you so much for your support. I think they turned out really beautifully and I could not have made this many pins like this without your help. I really love how the glitter and colors turned out. Please note there are now two more variant pins of Cat Helper and Cat Mermaid since the previous batches sold out! These would make great gifts for friends and family, too!

If you did NOT get a pin in the kickstarter you can still order one for you or for your friends! Please see my etsy shop here.



A sweet otter Family.


An adorable mermaid with her shell and a star fish in her hair.


An adorable mermaid with her shell and a star fish in her hair. (Variant version!)


A lovely sea monster!


A cat who loves to wear fancy hats.


New variant color on Helper Cat! This cat is “helping” you with your sewing and crafting!helpercatb1s

Sloth family pin!


A sweet dinosaur drinking tea.


A new variant color Cat Mermaid biting her tail!


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