Knitcation Los Angeles with Colette Patterns

Colette Patterns Knication Los Angeles/Anime Expo with Moneta and Mabel Patterns!

Lately my uniform has been comfy knit dresses and skirts so I was excited to finally teach myself how to use my serger using these new patterns by Colette Patterns, Moneta and Mabel. I found Colette’s new book “THE COLETTE GUIDE TO SEWING KNITS” and the Sewalongs to be very helpful to figuring out the basics of using my serger and getting a rough handle on sewing stretchy fabrics. (You can also sew these without a serger.) My friend Judy gave me her older serger at least a year or two ago but I was too intimidated to learn how to use it. I’m very proud of myself for finally learning it and now I want to make way more knit and stretchy clothing! I made two Moneta dresses and one Mabel pencil skirt. Throwing on cute stretchy dresses like these is so easy and I think they are very comfortable and flattering.

This one below is my galaxy print spandex Moneta dress. I’ve been afraid of spandex garments mostly because they felt too revealing for me. I had seen many cute galaxy print spandex dresses but none long enough or in a style I felt comfortable with. By making it myself, I got exactly what I wanted. (I got my spandex in downtown Los Angeles, but you can get the same and similar ones at Spandex World.)

Colette’s also has a Knitcation contest that encourages people to come up with 7 outfits for a real or imaginary trip with these patterns. I have some friends coming in to Los Angeles from out of town for Anime Expo so I decided to do an ideal trip I’d take my friends around town with. I live north of Los Angeles but will also be coming into town to see my friends. Sadly, we will all be too busy that all of this will not happen on their trip, but at least a few of these will!

Day 1 Let’s go to some fun bar and catchup on lost time. Red ponte knit Mabel skirt with 6% dokidoki necklace and Chinese silk scarf.
Colette Patterns Mabel

Day 2! Let’s go to Little Tokyo. We’ll buy imported fashion magazines and eat curry. Custom printed Sailor Moon Luna Moneta dress with Sailor Moon purse and knit cardigan. For this dress, I drew Sailor Moon’s cat familiar, Luna and had it custom printed at Spoonflower.
Colette Patterns Moneta

Day 3! Let’s go shopping at Anime Expo and enjoy walking around and being nerds. Galaxy spandex Moneta dress with Sailor Moon purse, spiked vest and AllSaints boots.

Day 4! Let’s enjoy July 4th fireworks and enjoy hotdogs and hamburgers and taking it easy. Red ponte knit Mabel skirt and Captain America T-shirt with sequin chucks.

Day 5! Let’s go to Anime Expo again and enjoy the premiere of the new Sailor Moon animated show and lots of Sailor Moon related panels and events. Custom printed Sailor Moon Luna Moneta dress with Sailor Moon purse and AllSaints boots.

Day 6! Let’s take it easy a bit and go shopping at Glendale Americana and eat at yummy Chinese dumplings at Din Tai Fung. Galaxy spandex Moneta dress with Batman quilted purse and 6% dokidoki necklace.

Day 7! Let’s go buy lots of fabric in the Los Angeles Fabric District on your last day. Red ponte knit Mabel skirt with Romanian embroidered blouse.

Here’s a closeup of the Sailor Moon Luna fabric I drew for my Moneta dress:


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I love your outfits! I’m totally jealous! I’m guessing you can’t wait for the new episodes (I can’t!).

I’m totally looking forward to them!

Hi! Came here from Colette’s blog. I love your hand drawn fabric! Thai is awesome! Did you use spoonflower?

Hi Tara! Yes, I used spoonflower. 🙂

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