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- | Late September Rose Blooms

Late September Rose Blooms

I’ve decided to start posting some of my garden photos here also, instead of just on my separate garden blog. This week I got a new Panasonic LUMIX G 20mm f/1.7 lens for my Olympus Pen EPL3 camera. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this little camera, even though I don’t use all the capabilities yet. I got the 20mm lens mostly for taking indoor low light photos, but I figured I’d go waddle around in the garden briefly this morning with it, too.

Gruss an Coburg Rose

Bermuda’s Kathleen Rose

Very Happy Lambsear

Over the last couple years I’ve tried a lot of “reblooming” bearded irises. Three particular ones consistently rebloom for me; Total Recall, Breakers and Rosalie Figge. These are wonderful irises, you can shove them in anywhere as long as they have good enough drainage and sun! If I was crazier, I’d go guerrilla planting them in neighbors’ yards. 😉

Total Recall Iris

Rosalie Figge

Aimee Vibert Rose

Blooming Hens n Chicks (?)

Jude the Obscure Rose

Archduke Charles Rose




  • Anika

    27.09.2012 at 10:46 Reply

    Beatiful! Nice lens, eh?

  • Colleen

    27.09.2012 at 11:12 Reply

    Your flowers look lovely as ever at such a late time in the season. I think my favorite is the Aimee Vibert Rose, it’s such a perfect shape and such a delicate shade of pink.

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