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- | Maui Vacation 2012 Part 1

Maui Vacation 2012 Part 1

I got really busy and didn’t have time to edit these! A few months ago, my husband and my friends AJ and Marcus and I all went to Maui for some relaxing times. Maui is such a great place to go to take it easy. We pretty much just spent the whole time snorkeling, eating yummy food and lounging.

We went to Maui during my second trimester, which my doctor said was the safest time to go. I felt pretty good during the trip and I had a really great time snorkeling pregnant, ha! There are many easy access beaches in Maui where you can just hop right into the water and have great snorkeling. Then if you get tired, you can just get out and have a sandwich and veg on the beach. We saw a TON of turtles while we were swimming. I adore turtles. They’re exactly like the ones in Finding Nemo. Very chill.

We like to get relatively cheap condos when we go to places like this. The view from our lanai!

The huge banyan tree in the middle of Lahaina.

Hula pie.

Meeting up with AJ and Marcus

We took a look around Alii Kula Lavender farms on the slopes of Haleakala.

They had lots of interesting plants besides the lavender!

We took some not-so-great photos with our disposable waterproof cameras. All the colors on these photos are so dim! You’ll just have to imagine the bright colors and fish.

Here’s us at Honolua Bay, one of my favorite spots to snorkel in Maui. I think we went three separate days!

I think at some point we got sunscreen on the lens. haha.
Marcus and Mitch with the Martha Stewart sunscreen filter.

AJ and I accidentally separately bought the same maternity swimsuit! kismet!


One of the many wonderful wonderful turtles we saw.

A wall of fish we saw repeatedly at Honolua Bay. They blended in so well that you wouldn’t notice them till you were a few feet away!

Mitch with turtle butt!

Mitch spots another turtle.

Me swimming (at a respectful distance) with a turtle

You can’t tell, but this coral was a lovely bright pastel pink. :)

Oh, I’m sorry, have you not had enough low-saturation blurry turtle photos yet? :)

Our flippers.

Mitch showing off his “James Bond” swimsuit.

Marcus and Mitch took an ATV trip!

During the middle of the trip, they took a break from the ATV and went down a waterslide.

Here’s the view at the top of their ATV route.

Back in Lahaina…
We saw this cat very intent on warming himself on this parking stop. If you tried to pet him, he’d go away, and then come right back to the same position.

Aj’s wearing a moomoo she made out of the Doctor Who tea fabric I made on spoonflower.

At Mai Tai’s

Mai Tais!

Delicious pulled pork sandwich…

The view while we were eating.

Mitch and Marcus

We enjoyed the Sheraton Luau

On another day we went to Mama’s Fish House which is a gorgeous restaurant (with super delicious food) set on this beautiful beach.

Mama’s interior

The next morning was our last in west Maui. Mitch and I took a walk on the beach near our condo.

We were tired from lots of (awesome) snorkeling so we went to the aquarium.

The diver is handfeeding a very friendly spotted eagle ray.

This statue leaves a bit to be desired…

Last view from our west Maui lanai.

One of the many beautiful plumeria trees in Maui.



  • Katherine Adrian

    10.08.2012 at 11:34 Reply

    I think I gained 5 pounds looking at your photos. Seriously beautiful. Aren’t the turtles just magical? I’m so glad you got to swim with them.

  • Ashbet

    10.08.2012 at 16:34 Reply

    Truly spectacular. Thank you for sharing these with us!!

    And I didn’t know AJ was expecting, too — congratulations to her as well! ^___^


  • Dixie

    29.08.2012 at 00:59 Reply

    Oh, that’s too bad about the waterproof camera photos. :( That happened to me on one of my last trips so I picked up the Water Pack. It definitely works in not getting the iPhone wet, but there is sometimes a bit of blur.
    Still, the photos of the turtles look great!

    • aimeemajor

      29.08.2012 at 08:50 Reply

      I think next time we need to find a higher quality way to take underwater photos. we’re always disappointed with the quality of disposables.

  • Dixie

    29.08.2012 at 12:29 Reply

    Btw – you look wonderful for second trimester with twins! Honestly, I probably would not of guessed if you hadn’t of said anything in the previous posts.

    I’m always debating to get an underwater digital (the $200 range) but I just don’t trust it to work that well and then I’m out more than I want to be.

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