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- | Modern Disney Princesses

Modern Disney Princesses

Here are some Modern Disney Princesses designs I did for a never produced project!

A lot of work that we do in animation never sees the light of day. This is either because it’s preproduction artwork that gets honed into something else by the time the final image comes out, or because it’s a pitch or a pilot that never gets produced.  A couple years ago (?) Kevin Hanna contacted me about doing some modern Disney princesses outfit designs, the basic idea would be, if the characters were modern girls, what would they wear.  You can read more about the pitch and see some great concept work by Bengal and Becky Cloonan here on Kevin’s page.

Below are some Modern Disney Princesses outfit ideas I had for Cinderella, Ariel and Snow White. The characters of the girls were not exactly like the original princesses, just so you know. Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing their outfits! I was inspired a lot by the Japanese fashion magazines I like to read like Kera and Cutie.

(Click on the images below to make them larger)

Modern Disney Princesses
Modern Disney Princesses

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