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- | New Season of Futurama Starting Soon!

New Season of Futurama Starting Soon!

I’m just a bit beside myself with Futurama excitement this week!

The One-Hour Season Premiere is coming up Thursday, June 23 10/9c!

The two episodes being shown for the premiere are my friend Crystals and Edmund’s, and they are REALLY cool and funny episodes. You guys are going to love them.

The first episode of next season (not this coming season, but the one after that) will be mine and Stephen’s! CRAZY! We just went to the tableread at FOX yesterday. Everyone was very jubilant about getting another season of Futurama so soon (unlike last time…!) Part of the celebrating was Zoidberg and Nibbler cupcakes.


Here are some storyboards from the upcoming (this season) episode Law & Oracle (Directed by Stephen Sandoval and Assistant Directed by me 😀 ), which finds Fry getting fed up with his job and leaving to join the police force.

I’m pretty jazzed to see these posted on Futurama’s website, actually, because normally we aren’t allowed to show you our storyboards, even after the episode airs.  But on top of that, this sequence of boards are actually ones that I thumbnailed and boarded myself. Kismet! So here’s the first and possibly the last time you’ll see this from me. Ha. (maybe  I’ll get lucky and they’ll let us post more, but probably not!)

(Click the images to enlarge.)

[nggallery id=121]

Also, I must call your attention to this background design, also from one of my and Stephen’s episodes. This background is from a particular favorite scene of mine… which I can’t say ANYTHING ABOUT, but I can’t wait for you to see it! How’s that for cryptic!

What CC says about this image: “An image of a UK version of the Planet Express building. It comes from the upcoming episode All the Presidents’ Heads, which finds the crew traveling through time back to the Revolutionary War and meddling with history. Let this be a lesson to us all: if your must time-travel, make sure you do it in a multiverse. ” (Click the image to enlarge.)


You can see more promo sneak-peaks like this on Futurama’s website!


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