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- | New Years End Review 2012

New Years End Review 2012


Happy New Year, everyone!
Tonight, Mitch and I are going to do what we do every year; watch tv and eat junk food.

This year marked a huge change for us; we had twin girls! We are super grateful to have them. I was afraid to have kids for a while because I didn’t want to stop doing all the things I do, but your perspective changes when you have little adorable baby faces in your arms. That being said, you won’t be seeing me stopping being a crazy lady anytime soon.  I’ll still be drawing and making costumes and stuff, it’ll just be a bit less for a while, and a bit more tiny ones. :)

A lot of my resolutions for 2012 did not get completed.  Part of the reason for this is simply forgetting about what was on my (long) list! And the other reason being pregnancy and babies. Though I did do the “I’d like to try not to agree to quite so many things” resolution, haha.

We went to Maui again which was wonderful! We wanted to go someplace relaxing before the girls came. We went with our good friends AJ and Marcus. We had two wonderful baby showers with my awesome friends and family.

Two of my and Stephen Sandoval’s Futurama episodes came out this year, one of my all-time favorites that I’ve worked on, “Fun on a Bun” and “The Bots and the Bees”.


Amusingly, the year I drew Bender taking care of a screaming baby, I’d never taken care of one before, and the year the episode actually came out, I had an entirely different perspective on the humor. “Fun on a Bun” I loved because of it’s heart, humor (hot dog jokes!) and how much I enjoyed working on the dancing and action sequences in it. (I had to research a chicken dance! ) It was also one of the most time intensive episodes I’d done on Futurama due to crowds, action sequences and mammoths, etc. There were a few lost weekends and nights in there, but it’s worth it when you like an episode.


For years I’d been trying to wear more skirts and dresses “everyday”, but always ended up lazy-ing out or chicken-ing out. Being forced to wear dresses due to the pregnancy I think killed my fear and now I want way more of them!

I finished my pink floral anglaise, a dress I’d been sitting on the fabric for for 3 years and I finished one of my dream costumes, Belle’s yellow Broadway ballgown. I made a copy of a dress from one of my favorite movies, Kamikaze Girls. I made a bunch of cute baby clothes. I was a guest again at Gallifrey Doctor Who convention and did really well in the artist alley! I made my first original fabric design.

As for resolutions, I’m going to try to set incremental goals on my computer calendar with automatic reminders so that I can try and get more of this done in the coming year and forget less!


~~ I’d like to go back to doing one sketch a week, perhaps like my little comics.
~~ I’d like to make one fabric “collection”. (Ie design a set of fabrics that coordinate together.)
~~ I’d like to make a few childhood favorite costumes like Star Wars and Disney stuff.
~~ I’d like to make more dresses for myself, mostly vintage style like Colette Patterns.
~~ I’d like to continue to make outfits for my girls.
~~ I’d like to do more photo documentation when I create items so that I can post more tutorials.
~~ I’d like to get back in shape post-babies!
~~ my sewing dummy padded out and get my grommet press functional
~~ learn how to use SEOs, set up more prints and referral links.

Below I gathered photos from the year. Most of these photos you can click through to get to the post they came from.


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