New Year’s Review 2016

This year I worked really hard on storyboards for work! I worked on four shows this year, Camp WWE for Stoopid Buddy, and Clash-A-Rama, Disney’s Descendants Wicked World and Tarantula for Rough Draft Studios!  Clash, WWE and Tarantula all had really great acting tracts that I enjoyed doing poses for and Descendants was my first 3D storyboard job, so it was fun to learn how to do that! Also some of the episodes were almost entirely dancing which was challenging but really rewarding! You can see some videos of what I did here.

I did my first new book in a while, my Yokai Dream Coloring book! I also did two art shows this year, Catching Sakura and Spooky.

I tabled at Fanime and CTNX this year and attended Wondercon and ALA.

Next year I’d like to take a little better care of myself and continue to keep pushing to have time to do personal artwork projects!

Here’s a few of my favorite photos from this year.

ny019 ny018

Below photo by Gilbert Chen.

ny017  ny015 ny014 ny013 ny012 ny011
Below photo by Gilbert Chen.


Below photo by Eron Rauch.

ny010 ny008 ny007

ny006 ny005 ny004



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