Norse Hollywood Vikings With James Gurney

The Norse Hollywood Vikings decided to get together and honor the awesome illustrator, James Gurney, who was in town for CTN. Tony, the leader of the Vikings and the master blacksmith of Sword & Stone, even made him a helmet as a surprise from one of James’ illustrations!

James Gurney with his new helmet and his Viking escort.

The Vikings were kind enough to let me borrow some armor and help them pillage Ikea! (All the armor you see the Vikings wearing is borrowed from the Sword & Stone.)

The super cute Doug from “So Random!” is a Viking, too! (left)

The new Julia Child or perhaps Swedish Chef?

Tor would like to quit and be a florist”

What is this amazing contraption?

NOOO, NOT A BROCCOLI?! (My friend, Glenn )

Couldn’t resist the dragon.

The cleaning choice of warriors.

“Oh mama, I’ve got to get me one of these!”

Tadao is a very serious Viking.

See how many Vikings you can pile on a sofa (Photo thanks to James Gurney)

(Photo thanks to James Gurney)

Perhaps just a bit too much pillaging…

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I loved seeing these photos on his blog and thinking “wait a second, I know the Norse Hollywood Vikings… and OH HEY there’s Aimee!” 😀


Haha, we have so many mutual friends! 😀

Great pictures! That was so much fun.

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