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- | Twin Circus Oliver + S Tea Party Dresses

Twin Circus Oliver + S Tea Party Dresses

I finally finished these Oliver + S Tea Party DressesĀ for my twin girls! Excited to be making more baby dresses!

I used some imported Japanese circus fabric (from etsy) from my stash for the main body of the dresses and some cute blue medallion cotton for the sides. Instead of piping I used rickrack in some of the seams and added some heart trim from Treasurebay Fabrics and some decorative stitching.

The Oliver and S Tea Party dress digital pattern was easy to put together and use and I was happy with the finish of the final dresses. This was my first time using a digital pattern, I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out, but I ended up being very happy with it. I think it’s easier and reasonably efficient to use a digital pattern with a small item like children’s clothing. A few weeks later, I tried an adult men’s pants pattern and it took FOREVER just to print and put together the pieces, so I won’t do that again! Children’s digital patterns = Yes! Adult digital patterns = No!

I hope you like the twins’ little circus dresses! Again, the quilts they are laying on were made by my friend AJ.

Oliver + S Tea Party Dresses

Oliver + S Tea Party Dresses

Oliver + S Tea Party Dresses

Oliver and S Tea Party Dress

Oliver + S Tea Party Dresses


  • Dixie

    17.01.2013 at 14:45 Reply

    I love that the dresses are easy on/off. I don’t think I could part with such adorable dresses! Maybe you could sew them some large stuffed animals and they can use the outfits later as dress up items? And I definitely love bolder looking fabrics! BTW – when you say imported do you mean from your trip years ago, or do you have a favorite website/location to use? There is JoAnn’s and a quilting store near where I live – but I’m just not thrilled with the quality of the cotton. Downtown LA is fine for when I’m making costumes, but it’s not great for everyday items (IMO). And I’m still a bit dubious about purchasing online. was not a great experience. :(

    • aimeemajor

      17.01.2013 at 15:14 Reply

      I should have made them the next size up, babies grow so fast!
      The japanese fabric, I got it on etsy! :)
      usually purchasing novelty print cottons isn’t that much of a risk online. I’ve seldom been disappointed. What happened with I’ve never had trouble with them.

  • Katherine

    17.01.2013 at 19:07 Reply

    So precious! I love the little smiles. The ric-rac trim is so cute, but how you find time to sew is beyond me!

    • aimeemajor

      17.01.2013 at 19:27 Reply

      I certainly don’t have MUCH time to sew! I have to really make an effort to do it. Mostly when my husband is home.

  • Dixie

    18.01.2013 at 10:37 Reply

    Etsy! Oh never really thought of that. I’ll have to check that out for sure.

    I’ve only placed 1 order with and it was 2 weeks late, one of the fabrics was a mess along the side they cut it – almost as if the did a rip cut and then washed it so the frayed edges made a knotted mess, and two of the fabrics had discoloration – luckily I was able to cut around the areas but I ended up wasting a bit more than I wanted to. I guess that’s what I get for purchasing the really discounted fabric.

    • aimeemajor

      18.01.2013 at 10:39 Reply

      Yeah there is lots of cute stuff on etsy! as to, I’m so sorry! That sounds not great. :( Buying prints that are normally $10 a yard for $5 though is pretty nice. I wait till they’re on ultra sale. I have heard some other folks having issues with them, so I’m not sure if you’d want to bother again or not!

  • Dixie

    21.01.2013 at 17:22 Reply

    I think if I ever use them again it will have to be for a project I’m not rushed to finish. I found a pin up fabric that they sold for half of what Michael Levine’s was selling and that fabric arrived in the same batch fine. It was, of course, my urgent needs project that was the discolored fabric. Maybe It was a case of Murphy’s Law! I’ve always wanted to try this crazy store in Solvang ( even though the blogger says the fabric options are ok.

    • aimeemajor

      04.02.2013 at 15:11 Reply

      Solvang is so much fun! I want to go again!

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