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- | Costume – Ayla – Chronotrigger

Costume – Ayla – Chronotrigger

Appearances: A-Kon 2002, Anime Expo 2002

I really LOVED Chrono Trigger. Definitely one of my all-time favorite games. It was just charming!! Ayla was always my favorite from Chrono Trigger cause she was such a leader and she kicked BUTT while still being feminine! I loved it when she bit people.

Basically this costume consisted of a plaster-fabric molded over a water-bottle club. (I used dixie cups to mold the two little “wood” branches… ha ha!) It worked pretty well… but it was slightly too flexible, so the latex paint chipped when I dropped the club once. Bummer. If I do this again, I’ll make it a bit sturdier… but for my first attempt using plaster-fabric strips, it turned out pretty good! Probably should have painted the club a darker color though.

The rest of the costume was just some really nifty fur, and an extremely well-teased blonde wig!


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