Print Sale!

Hey folks! I’m doing a print sale! Perhaps you would like to buy some lovely art for yourself or a loved one for the holidays¬†and help me out too?

All prints are signed by me.

I’m shipping to USA and Canada, Paypal payment only for this to keep it simple for me, my apologies. I will also combine shipping if you order multiple prints. $5 shipping

My Jedi, New Poison Ivy, Miyazaki and Avatar pieces below, this is the first time I’m offering them for sale online!
TO ORDER: email me at (replace AT with @) with subject “PRINT SALE” Thankyou!


Powerful Magic inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle, available in 8.5×11 size $8 and 11×17 size $12.

Guardian, Castle in the Sky, available in 8×10.5 size $8.

Katara Water Goddess 8×12 $8 or 12×18 $12

Moon Goddess Yue 8×12 $8 or 12×18 $12

New Poison Ivy 11×14 $12

Jedi 11×14 $12

Poison Ivy 18×12 $12

Sailor Moon Usagi in Kimono 11×17 $12

Rococo Sailor Moon 11×17 $12

Pop Star Sailor Moon 11×17 $12

Sailor Moon Serenity 11×17 $12

Moon Prism Makeup 11×17 $12

Hello Sweetie River Song 11×14 $12

Groot Hug Guardians of the Galaxy 11×17 $12

Cherry Bomb Guardians of the Galaxy 11×17 $12

Sherlock 11×14 $12

CATEGORY: art, artsale

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