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- | Regency and Jellyfish Princess

Regency and Jellyfish Princess

Here are some more photos of our Jellyfish Princess (Kuragehime) cosplay from San Diego Comic Con!

Me as Chieko (the kimono and doll otaku), my friend Annie as Tsukimi (the Jellyfish otaku) and Lydia as Kuraku (her trendy crossdressing friend).Photos by Kate (Makkura) :)
You can see more photos and information on my Jellyfish Princess cosplay page.


Trying to take my precious doll away. :3

A couple more photos of my blue and white Saree Regency worn at Costume College courtesy of Richard Man. You can see more photos and information about the dress on my saree Regency dress page


  • Caitlin

    18.08.2011 at 05:30 Reply

    I really love how you brought in the sari fabrics, it gave the dress some really interesting details and a unique color scheme.

    • aimeemajor

      18.08.2011 at 09:33 Reply

      The class I took suggested using a saree, apparently they did in the period, too? I think it’s such a marvelous idea! Sarees are really beautiful. I was somewhat limited in where I could put various parts of the pattern because of my height and the length of the saree, but it worked out well in the end! I’m glad you like it, too! 😀

  • Colleen

    18.08.2011 at 06:17 Reply

    I am absolutely in love with your blue and white saree dress.

  • yume

    24.08.2011 at 15:55 Reply

    aimee i’m sooo in love with your regency outfit!

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