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- | Rococo Sailor Moon Art and Print Preorder

Rococo Sailor Moon Art and Print Preorder

Rococo Sailor Moon Costume Redesigns and Print Sale!


After I finished my Sailor Moon Idol designs, I wanted to do some truly opulent, over-the-top rococo inspired Sailor Moon designs. I have so much nostalgia connected to Sailor Moon and magical girl series. The new Sailor Moon Crystal series has reminded me how much I love Sailor Moon and how each girl has her own personality and style.

I came up with these Rococo designs inspired by the Japanese artist Sakizou, Japanese lolita fashion and a little bit of historical 18th and 19th century fashion.  Even though I’m a professional animation artist I’m also a cosplayer and historical costumer, so I wanted to make something beautiful and very detailed that a fellow costumer might enjoy making. I imagine them made with beautiful lace, elaborate trim and rhinestones. There are lots of special details in each Sailor’s outfit based on their personalities and original costumes. For example, Rococo Sailor Venus has tights inspired by her transformation background and her Love Chain. Rococo Sailor Mars has stars taken from her original earrings. Mercury has a lot of pearl and dot details inspired by her bubble and water attacks. Jupiter is covered in roses and Sailor Moon with moon and brooches.  Most of the poses are based on their classic transformation end poses.

Personal signed print sale preorder now!

If you would like to buy a print of any of these OR the Sailor Moon Pop Idol designs or any Sailor Moon prints from this page, too!, please email me at (replace AT with @) with the Subject Line of “PRINT SALE”.

All single-Sailor (Idol or Rococo) prints are available in sizes:  8×12″ ($8) and 11×17″ ($12).

The composite Inner Senshi (Idol or Rococo) prints are available in sizes: 8×12″ ($8), 11×17″ ($12) and a large 20×30″ ($20) poster size!

All prints bought directly from me will be signed. I will also combine shipping if you order multiple prints. Please note that this is a preorder sale so there will be a delay in shipping! Paypal orders with USA shipping only, sorry! $4 shipping for all prints except the large 20×30″ poster, it ships for $9

You can also find my work at Society6 and Redbubble.







Remember that the Idol Sailors are available, too!

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