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- | San Diego Comic Con 2011

San Diego Comic Con 2011

Finally had a little time to edit my San Diego Comic Con 2011 photos!

I had a good time at SDCC this year but it was pretty exhausting since work was busy before and after the con.

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to see me at my booth and bought my stuff! I’m still getting caught up with shipping, but you’re welcome to still order! (Please do!)

Day 1 for me was THURSDAY this year. I had to walk from my friend’s hotel to the dealer’s room with all my booth stuff in 2+ huge suitcases. On the way I passed part of the line for Hall H, the biggest panel room in Comic Con. They set out tents this year (as you can see) to make it better for folks waiting in line. The line goes around past this and back behind the convention center, too, though. It’s kinda crazy. I mean, no, it IS CRAZY.

This particular line was for the Twilight panel on Thurs. People on twitter said that some people started camping out on MONDAY for this THURS panel. While I was walking to the convention center and past the line I saw the actress for Alice in Twilight walking by, I guess she and some of the other stars came by to thank the fans? I also heard that the cast bought them all breakfast at one point, too.

I had quite a time trying to get all my booth stuff to my booth while walking counter-traffic… at one point some guy knocked my huge suitcase over and my laptop bag and everything and didn’t even apologize or bother to help me up. Not fun! I’ve got to figure out a better way of doing this for whenever I do a booth at SDCC again, like I need some kind of heavy duty collapsible trolley or something.

At several points during the convention, the crowds were so bad it was almost impossible to make any progress going from one place to another. And this is with SDCC’s attendance capped for several years now. People were camping out all night in order to get tickets for NEXT year’s SDCC. Each day they’d sell out of that days allotment before 9 am or even earlier.

But enough negativity, says the Pope!

I actually saw a lot of really awesome/cute stuff just by sitting at my booth and watching people who walked by! Here’s a couple of my favorites.

Knitted(?) Futurama Brain Slugs! They said they got them on :) Actually I saw more than one set of people with brain slugs that weekend!

Seriously though, how cute is she. Look at her necklace, it’s the inside-alien Dalek form made out of beads.

YEAH! Ben-Day Dots!

Two TARDIS’, me as Inara Serra from Firefly and Kahlan Amnell from Legends of the Seeker! I wish you could see the whole TARDIS dresses, they were great.

Grell from Black Butler bought a print of himself from me! (SO CUTE!)

My photographer friend Oscar stopped by my booth in his Sulu “costume” from “The Naked Time” episode in classic Star Trek. Haha. XD

I did get a little time to walk around away from the booth. :)
Is this the cutest thing ever? Mini Spiderman on a GIANT PILE OF LEGOS.

Or perhaps THIS is the cutest thing ever… Mini Captain America saluting Big Captain America

An awesome Charlotte from the Princess and the Frog!

We were randomly given free sparkling cat hats by Jvalentine! Judy, AJ and Kim.

They also have inexplicable strap/handles on the back. Obviously they are for making trains.

We also made the boys wear them.

We ended up a long day at the pool/bar area of the Marriott (yay firepits!)

Another day, another costume! My husband and I went over to the Firefly Browncoats booth randomly and there was Shawna Trpcic (the costume designer of Firefly) and Jane Espenson (one of the writers!) So we were able to get something signed by them and get a photo with them! Shawna liked our costumes. :) At the same time, one of the fans of Firefly who bought the original red saree that mine was based on recognized my dress, too! That was fun!

Kaylee, two Inaras and Mal (my husband). These two girls were a super cute Amy Pond and River Song from Doctor Who on another day, I’m pretty sure! Check out lurking Mai and Zuko (my friends AJ and Marcus) :)

My outfit was inspired by Inara’s red gown in Shindig (you can see the original here).  I bought Indian saree that I added a lot of rhinestones to. The necklace is from Design Toscano and the bracelets are from Little India in Artesia.  I don’t think I look much like Inara, but I love Firefly and I’m into learning more about Indian culture lately. :)

Mitch’s Mal outfit is a bought shirt and frontier pants that I added brown grosgrain ribbon to with liquid stitch. His braces are Israeli Defense Webbing combined with a standard pair of khaki braces. He’s just wearing my Steampunk/River Song gun holster to keep things affordable. (Most used accessory ever!) His gun (not shown) is a resin cast that I painted.

Firefly and the TARDIS!

OMG it’s Demona and Goliath from GARGOYLES! I can’t remember the last time I saw someone costume them.

OMG, it’s PRINCESS from Battle of the Planets! (Me as Rapunzel)

Here’s me and my friend AJ as an Ironette from Iron Man 2.

I ran into Brianna Garcia, too! She’s dressed as Mara Jade, one of my favorite Star Wars characters. :)

Best Photo EVAR?

Giant Phineas and Ferb PlatiBus! I think Phineas and Ferb is so cute, it seriously deserves a huge PlatiBus at SDCC. (Derek, Crystal and I have all worked on it some.)

I seriously loved HeMan when I was little. I think her female HeMan is pretty rad, actually. :)


On one of the days I dressed up like Chieko from Jellyfish Princess, it’s not really a recognizable costume because I don’t really look that much like Chieko and Chieko is always changing kimono… but hey, I have kimono and “creepy dolls” right? :) I tried to pick a kimono coordinate that I thought Chieko would like. (I also drew my eyebrows in all huge. haha.) I’m looking forward to getting some better shots from one of my friends later. But here’s me as Chieko, Annie as Tsukimi and Lydia as Kuranosuke!

While we were having these drinks,… we noticed Jon Favreau, the director of Elf and Iron Man was right outside the window we were sitting at doing an interview! EEE! So I was able to go up and say hi after he was done. Elf is one of my all-time favorite movies and I love Iron Man, too! This is the kind of stuff that pretty much only happens randomly at SDCC.

Then Annie gave me an early birthday present a TokiDoki THOR shirt! YEAAAH! This is my new favorite thing.

The only panels I had time to go to during SDCC were the Supernatural and Doctor Who panels, which were back to back on Sunday. (I didn’t REALLY have time to go to them, either… but I really wanted to!) We got up really early to get into the crazy Hall H line.

It took Judy like an HOUR to get us something from Starbucks so that we didn’t all starve to death. :)

Here’s a pic of all the sonic screwdrivers out while we all wait for Doctor Who.

Here’s what I wore for the day,… Day of the Moon episode River Song! The dress and large belt are AllSaints. The gun is a modded by me Nerf Scout.

Hope everyone had fun! See you next year? (We’ll see!)
photo by Paul Vasquez


  • Loren

    12.08.2011 at 16:25 Reply

    That first pic of you and Mitch in your firefly costumes is just so perfect, you two looks so sweet.

    Love the weird glowing cat hats.

    The boys would have gone bananas over the perrymobile, so cool!

    And the River Song costume turned out so well, you look hawt!

  • Maggie/padawansguide

    13.08.2011 at 09:24 Reply

    ComicCon really sounds just INSANE! How cool about meeting Shawna and Jane though!

  • April

    15.08.2011 at 10:06 Reply

    wow soo much awesome stuff! leaving this message short and sweet- but holy crap I need that tokidoki thor shirt! WWAANNTT! 😀

  • jstolle

    11.09.2011 at 10:26 Reply

    It looks like you guys had a terrific time! I’m SO bummed I couldn’t make it this year. I have a sneaking suspicion that I won’t make it next year either, but I’ve got my sights set on 2013!!!

    Unrelated to SDCC (sort of), I miss you and Mitch! Give him a firm handshake for me, and have him give you a hug for me. :)

    • aimeemajor

      10.10.2011 at 14:36 Reply

      :) I probably won’t go this coming year either. Just a lot of money!

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