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- | Supernatural Halloween Party Decor

Supernatural Halloween Party Decor

I had a small Halloween party recently and decorated my house for the occasion!
We watched a few funny episodes of the tv show Supernatural for the occasion. (If you’re curious, we watched the episodes “Monster Movie”, “Yellow Fever” and “Bad Day at Black Rock”.

The kitchen!
The ball lanterns have LEDs in them, so easy!

I put some red and blue foodcoloring in water for some of my jars and moss and fake skulls and candy for the others. Spray painted some autumn leaves silver, added some tiny fake black spiders and some white doilies! You can see the strombolli snake that Michelle and Will made. :)

Om nom nom.
Mitch was excited to wear his new Tangled Flynn costume again.

Cut a giant brownie into a coffin shape and iced it. EASIEST CREEPY CAKE EVER. Sheyne and Glenn made the green ghost/pumpkin red velvet cupcakes! They had red custard inside. 😀

Nicole made a centipede bread!

Jinyo and Victoria in their awesome Tron-esque outfits!

Crystal and Derek and their new daughter suprised me by showing up as Edward, Bella and Renessme Cullen from Twilight! SO HILARIOUS. Derek even had glitter on, I must have high friend ranking. haha.

Renessme borrows Wills cow ears.

A few more shots of decor:
I put some blue and black lights into the lamp. The bats are vinyl clings. We don’t have a lot of space to store decorations so I really tried to keep it to things that could be packed flat or small!

My beloved mercury glass lanterns and the pumpkins I painted silver, plus part of my mask collection.

With the lights more normal :)

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  • Loren

    30.10.2011 at 20:28 Reply

    It looks perfectly sppoky! :)

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