I would like to share this beautiful illustrated book with you today for Friday Fave. It’s suitable for most ages but deal with loss. (I cried!)

Grandad’s Island, is by animation industry professional, Benji Davies. I’m always looking for beautifully illustrated children’s books (even before I had children) so I was very happy to find Davies’ books. We also have On Sudden Hill which is charming, too. The illustrations in Grandad’s Island are absolutely gorgeous and colorful and playful when appropriate. The compositions are inspiring, too. I loved how the author deals with the hard issue of Grandad “leaving” in a soft, imaginative and touching way.  So please go check out Davies’ books!




This week’s Friday Fave is the award winning children’s book illustrator, Trina Schart Hyman. (1939-2004) She illustrated over 150 books. I really love the delicate way she draws hair, the emotion she puts into her illustrations and in general her romantic drawing style.


tsrapunzelThere’s a biography on her here , on wikipedia and a lovely interview with her here by Laurie Kretchmar.  Some highlights from that interview:

On the discipline of working:
“I feel most at home with my work and my drawing board. If I’m depressed, if I work a little, it cheers me up. On days when I just don’t feel like working – I’d much rather be out in the garden – if I sit down and make myself work, lots of time I’ll get some really good stuff, believe it or not, so I always try and do it.”

On her creative process:
“I try to get inside the head of every single character.” For Snow White, “That’s a very complex, very emotionally fraught story when you think about it. Here is this beautiful woman who has a stepdaughter who is going to be more beautiful than she is. She is just driven crazy by it. She tries to kill the eight-year-old and the kid runs away and lives with seven little dwarves in the woods. How does this girl feel? She knows that that her stepmother hates her and wants to kill her and she’s completely alone. How does she feel when she sees those seven little dwarves? How do the dwarves feel when the prince comes and takes her away from them when they really loved her all these years? And how does the queen feel? To me the queen was the important character.”

I haven’t been able to get all her books but some of my favorites of her’s are Snow White (sadly hard to find…), Rapunzel, Sleeping BeautySwan Lake, Little Red Riding Hood (only about $7!) and Saint George and the Dragon (only about $8!). Some of her books are still available and very affordable and others are out of print and rare. You can find some on amazon and some on ebay and book sellers perhaps. Keep in mind that not all of her books are for children.

snowwhite3 snowwhite2 trina