Hey folks! Sorry, I realized I never actually blogged about the Jane Austen Evening this year. It’s one of my favorite yearly events held at the beautiful Pasadena Masonic Lodge by the Society for Manners and Merriment. I really love the Regency period and Jane Austen books and films and on top of that I really enjoy sharing this enthusiasm with friends!

Due to busy holidays, I wore the same hot pink gown I made last year. You can read more about how I made my gown here.  I really love this gown though, so it was no huge sacrifice! There is a great variety of people who attend the event. Some that love to dance English country Regency dancing, some that love to make costumes and every combination in-between! You do not have to attend the event in Regency wear, you can attend in formal wear. Some folks rent costumes, others buy from Etsy, others borrow, others make from scratch! The event starts with mingling and then goes on to tea and live entertainment. This year there was a lovely live band playing period appropriate music. In some past years it’s been a Regency improv group. A lot of tea attendees bring their own fancy tea cups and plates and candelabras to dress up their tables. I love how whimsical this makes it. Some enthusiastic Regency costumers actually wear more than one look for the event. They have a day gown for tea, which is more casual, and they have a fancy evening gown for the dance. There are dance classes weekends prior to the event and even someone as clumsy as me has been able to get passable at dancing thanks to them. This year I danced at least 5 or 6 dances thanks to my gracious partners! You can dance with your friends or be asked by strangers or ask strangers yourself. Everyone is very nice and it’s a lovely evening.

I was remiss and didn’t take many photos this year, but my friends Michelle and Loren did, so thanks to them for allowing me to piggyback off their effort! You can find Michelle’s post about the evening here and Loren’s post here.

Hope you enjoy seeing a little of our evening!

Here’s my screaming hot pink saree gown! So much fun!

I changed it up a little by wearing my Sailor Moon cameo necklace with my gown.

Enjoying tea is better with the Silver Imperium Crystal from Sailor Moon. (The Sailor Moon teacup is Michelle’s!)

ja201609 ja201610

Twila is in the sherbet colored saree gown below!
ja201602 ja201603

Michelle and Will looking adorable!

Crystal and Alyxx watching the dances.
ja201606 ja201607


Emma looking lovely in pink and Loren‘s gorgeous black ensemble!

The dance!

Check out this adorable video that Iamchubbybunny Michelle did of our evening!

Here’s a little video of Katherine koshka-the-cat’s twirly ribbon dress!

@koshkacat ‘s crazy adorable ribbon #regency dress! She always makes beautiful things! #JaneAustenEvening #janeausten

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I didn’t have a ton of time to make costumes this year due to other obligations but I still made some things that I really loved!

I had really wanted to make a new Victorian gown for a while and ended up loving this red and black one when I finished it.

I loved wearing my Unicorn Game of Thrones inspired gown to a castle winery!

I made flower fairy dresses for the twins!

I made an obnoxious hot pink Regency gown.

I loved this Mrs. Potts Beauty and the Beast felt skirt I did

I was very happy to finally cosplay Isabella from ParaKiss, though the costume was very hot!

I loved attending Star Wars Celebration with my twins.

We went to Disneyland Halloween again this year. The twins really enjoyed Monsters Inc. a lot lately and requested to be Boo and Sully and they wanted Daddy to be Sully too…! So I chose to be Mike. It’s been a busy year so instead of making 4 costumes from scratch, we went with mostly bought costume pieces put together.

I got my husband a silly Sully kigurumi from eBay. Miss J wore an oversized pink shirt with purple pants she already owned and pink ball hairbands. Miss R didn’t want to wear anything too complicated like an actual Sully costume or anything that pulled over her head, so we found her a Sully hoodie at Disneyland and I bought her a Sully tulle skirt from etsy.

I didn’t want to actually be shaped like a giant stuffed eyeball so instead I wanted to make a cute lime green dress and put an eyeball on it. I went with ByHandLondon’s Elisalex pattern for my dress and made it out of stretch cotton sateen. I cut Mike’s face out of scrap fabric and appliquéd it onto my dress before lining it. I bought a green eyeball hairbow from etsy and I made some paperclay horns to clip into my hair.

We had a lot of fun. The twins enjoyed pretending that Daddy was Sully, too, and calling him “Kitty.”


halloween02 halloween03


I made a Thor Dress to see Thor The Dark World with my friends! I wore it with my Haenuli galaxy prince tights, We’re All Mad Here Gallifreyan necklace and my Thor earrings from 1928.

I used Simplicity 2588 as my muslin pattern. The red sleeves are a cotton sateen with top stitched detail lines. The base navy fabric is a glitter dotted stretch denim from Joann’s and the silver is a snakeskin pleathery type fabric that I Heat N Bond Lite-d on and then satin stitched the edges with metallic thread.  I added large buttons (that I painted silver) on top of the appliquéd silver pleather circles. I ended up not adding the skirt stripes in my original sketch because the metallic thread satin stitching was so problematic! I broke two bobbins and the thread kept breaking and tangling all the time. Metallic thread is the worst!


Thor Dress

Thor Dress

My original idea sketch and work in progress dress: