I loved Batman the Animated Series so much! So stylish and the stories were great! When I got invited to be part of the “Rad Toons” Hive Gallery: Animation of the 90’s show, I immediately thought of Batman the Animated Series and wanted to do Poison Ivy. She’s just such a fun iconic character and I like drawing plants and ladies. This original hand done piece was done with COPIC marker and graphite. If you’d like to buy it, please contact the Hive Gallery!



This is my art of the 9th Doctor and Rose Tyler from the Series 1 finale, still one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes! A lot of plot has happened since then so I thought it would be nice to go “back to the beginning” so to speak. (At least the beginning of “New” Doctor Who, that is.)

I think you need a Doctor.

This is for the upcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary artshow at Meltdown comics. There are tons of talented artists involved and I’m super happy to be a part of it! The opening is November 1st, 7pm. I hope to see you there! You can see more info on Meltdown here and the Facebook event here.

This piece is made up of a pencil drawing, COPIC marker colors and then a bit of a NASA galaxy photo as an overlay in Photoshop.


Fanart of Mami from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

I wanted to do a birthday gift art for my friend Jason. He said Mami from Puella Magi Madoka Magica was his favorite. Added bonus is that a bunch of my other friends love Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Mami, too! (She is pretty cool, right?) I enjoyed watching the series recently.

I used my iphone to take a photo of the black and white sketch, brought it into Photoshop and then colored it using my laptop’s trackpad (like a boss).  So please forgive my simple coloring.

This is part of my, doing a drawing every day stint! You can keep up with them by “liking” my Facebook page. I also post most of them on Twitter.

Mami from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Gargoyles Goliath and Elisa

My husband and I met due to us both being fans of the Disney tv show, Gargoyles. I was feeling nostalgic and decided to draw Gargoyles Goliath and Elisa for him today. There’s this one Halloween episode where Goliath and Elisa dress up like Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in case you forgot!

I don’t have much time to draw lately due to my little twin babies. Despite that, I’m going to try to do more quick drawings daily, even if those drawings are simple ones. Wish me luck! If you’re curious, this drawing took 25 minutes from start to finish. I wish I had time to color it, but I really don’t. But sometimes black and white drawings are charming on their own, right?

Anyone else fans of Gargoyles? Do you have any fond memories of or because of the show?

Gargoyles Goliath and Elisa

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I have a lot of photos to show you from Maui and all sorts of stuff, but I don’t really have time right at the moment!

Did you guys see the new Futurama episodes, though? “The Bots and the Bees” (the season premiere) was one that I Assistant Directed. It was a really fun episode to work on. Hope you enjoyed it!

Instead new content from me, check out this awesome gift art Phillip Craig drew for me based on the new Futurama ep (and me having twins this fall…!) Thanks, Phillip!