Belle’s Yellow Ballgown from Beauty and the Beast Broadway Version
Rose Tyler from The Empty Child
Pink Saree Regency Open Robe
White Striped Voile Regency Gown
1960’s Maternity Dress
Yellow 1920’s Dragon Dress
Pink Floral Anglaise
Red Saree Regency Daydress
Blue Riding Habit

I didn’t do a ton of costumes this year, as I spent most of it pregnant with twins!  I’m actually already pregnant in most of these costumes, even if it doesn’t show with all of them (Even Belle!)

I did more historical stuff this year, which I really enjoyed.

The costumes I focused the most on were Belle, my Pink Anglaise and my White Voile Regency gown with Pink overgown. Belle’s Broadway yellow ballgown was a dream costume of mine and I was so happy to be able to finally make it! Hopefully I’ll be able to wear it again sometime this coming year.

I also made some baby clothes for both mine and my friends’ babies.

baby clothes

Christmas Knot Twin Baby Dresses
Twin Heirloom Ribbon Embroidery Baby Dresses
Blue Baby Princess Dress
Finding Nemo Baby Dress

Next year I’d like to continue making more outfits for the twins. I’d like to make more everyday clothing, specifically vintage style dresses, for myself. I’d also like to make another froufrou princess gown. Who knows!