Been really busy lately but got to take a few hours off to hang out with some of my friends at the Ren Faire! I hadn’t been for probably like 10 years or something, but I couldn’t resist going when my friend Greg said we should all dress up in Star Trek uniforms and beam onto the alien planet. Our away team ended up representing several different eras of Star Trek and all the crew colors. 🙂 It was pretty funny and we had a good time.

Most of us had pretty cheap costume-store Star Trek uniforms that we modified a little since we were just doing this for fun and laughs. (I took mine in to fit me better, since my shirt is a men’s shirt… and TrueMee took a XL men’s shirt, ripped the sleeves off and turned it into a dress.)

Away Team photo thanks to TrueMee


With my fairy friends from Firefly Path, TrueMee and Nicole (Photo thanks to Nicole)

With my friends Crystal and Derek. Derek works at Phineas and Ferb and Crystal is one of the directors on Futurama and Napoleon Dynamite animated series. 🙂