My goal recently was to create a vintage inspired (40’s/50’s) capsule wardrobe. (Clothes that mix and match with each other.)

I’ve already posted about the first set I made for this, Vogue 8789, so here’s the rest of my capsule! I have to say that in particular, I love the Hollyburn pink skirt. It was easy to make and super comfortable, though I’m pretty happy with all of these items. I can tell that I’ll be wearing them a lot and reusing some of these patterns in other fabrics and colors! It feels great to sew towards having a more workable wardrobe. These items fit me better and are the colors and styles I want more than most stuff I would find in the store.




vogue 8789


Lately I’ve been intrigued with the idea of making coordinating clothing or a capsule wardrobe! I loved Lucky Lucille’s post about 50’s inspired capsule or traveling wardrobes and I decided to make one of my own.

I had a beautiful cherry check fabric in my stash and the sewing pattern Vogue 8789. I decided to split it into a skirt and a shirt so that I could wear them mix and match as the start of my capsule wardrobe! That made my capsule colors white, red and pink, basically.  I know most people would choose a navy or a black as a neutral, but I’m a little crazy so hot pink is my neutral.

The main change I made to the pattern was simply to make the bodice a lot longer and add a waistband to the skirt. This pattern went together very quickly and easily. It’s cute and it’s comfy to wear and so I highly recommend it! It would have been even faster if I had just done it up as a dress. In the studio photos shown below I’m wearing the dress with my vintage pink flower hat, beloved pink Fluevogs, Malco Modes Samantha petticoat and a cherry pin from SummerBlueJewelry!

I also made up Gertie’s Butterick 6217 shirt pattern in a white embroidered cotton and made the Hollyburn skirt pattern up in pink so that they all would coordinate together with my cherry check items. I’ll post about those two later. (And most of these go pretty cute with my Levi’s red capri jeans, too!)


Pinup Parade 2014 at Disneyland with Pinup Girl Clothing!

I bought a beautiful Aurora Castle Print dress from Pinup Girl Clothing a few months ago. Since we recently got annual passes to Disneyland I wasn’t going to miss the Pinup Parade event at the park this week! It’s a twice annual event. I really love vintage and retro style so it was a real treat to enjoy the park with lots of other folks in lovely outfits. On top of the fun pinup style a lot of people also combine it with “Disney Bounding” which is when you do a fun outfit inspired by a Disney character.

I decided to take my Aurora dress and do a Sleeping Beauty inspired coordinate/DisneyBound. (Make it blue!) It was an obvious but fun choice for me especially since Disneyland’s castle is Sleeping Beauty’s. I added a gold necklace a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright tiara and the Sleeping Beauty gold book pin I got from the Reagan Library Disney exhibit and wore them with my Leifsdottir sweater. I loved little girls’ reactions to my dress especially. This dress is really perfect. I can feel like Disney princess in the parks as an adult without having to wear a costume.  Magical! So many park attendees were curious about the fashion and complimentary. Just good feelings all around!

Pinup Parade Outfit

It was awesome to meet the Pinup Girl staff and fans! alishaakay as an amazing pinup-style Gaston!

Pinup Parade

With the super adorable missrockabillyruby as Mickey Mouse!

Pinup Parade

and the glamorous michelinepitt as the Horned King!


Group pic of Pinup Parade attendees from PUG’s twitter from cupcakekillah! Look at all those pretty ladies!  You can find more pics from the day on instagram #disneyboundpug tag.


My twin babies picked out their own dresses for the day which happened to be two blue princess dresses, so we looked pretty cute matching together!

Twin mom life!


Both baby AND mommy can have a pretty dress. One of the nice things about this dress is that it really was comfortable and practical for a day at the park with my family, not just for dress up pictures.


Miss J loved Cinderella.


Miss J hugging all the princesses!


My family 🙂


Looking forward to the next fun dress up day at Disneyland!


I really enjoyed going with some friends to Dapper Day at Disneyland this year! Dapper Day is an unofficial Disney parks dress-up day inspired by roughly 50’s and 60’s vintage style. I’ll definitely go again. I had so much fun just looking at people’s outfits!


Dapper Day Sleeping Beauty and her prince! A lot of people did “Disney Bound” X Vintage style outfits, which was adorable. (Disney Bound being when you do an outfit inspired by a Disney character, but not a straight up costume.)


I wish I’d gotten a photo of the front of this group, I loved the girl with the pink pill box hat and her adorable cadet blue friend. There were so many gorgeous outfits that I couldn’t get photos of fast enough!

Bert and Mary Poppins, Dapper Style!


Our group with the Genie. My skirt and outfit is loosely inspired by Anna’s traveling outfit.

Photos below (and many others) thanks to my friend Jet (dressed as Luke from Professor Layton.)


Other Dapper Day versions of Frozen characters! Hans, Anna and Elsa!

The coolest skirt ever. It’s Lady and the Tramp and she found it at Goodwill! I wish my Goodwill luck was like that!

Cleverly adding a TARDIS belt to a blue dress!



For this Friday Fave, I’d like to show you Colette patterns and the Coletterie blog!

Colette does beautiful vintage inspired patterns. I really enjoyed making up their Jasmine blouse (you can see pics of mine here.) Their patterns come with a beautiful book and great instructions. There’s something soothing about going through the instructions because they are presented in such a lovely way. You can read some reviews on their patterns here.

On top of this they have an AWESOME blog. Regularly they post embellishment inspiration and recently they started a feature series on the inside construction of beautiful vintage gowns. Check out this construction details post on a vintage wedding gown and this lovely little post on beaded bows, this one on embroidered accents and this sailor collar post.


They’ve just a few days ago released their newest pattern a vintage inspired shirtdress or peplum shirt called Hawthorn! Check out these Joan-esque photos! (More here.)


Colette is going to start a Hawthorn “Sew-a-Long” . And no, I don’t get anything cool for showing you all this, I just like their patterns so far and am excited about the Sew-a-Long!

I’m planning on trying to do the sew-a-long (in my infinite free time) out of this beautiful pink strawberry fabric I found in my stash (below). I’m excited to finally try to participate. It seems like every time someone does one, it’s bad timing for me or not a pattern I’m interested in or it’s already past!