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- | The Quandary of the Boots.

The Quandary of the Boots.

Since it’s hard for me to find shoes I like in my size, I have kind of a bad habit of buying shoes I find, perhaps more than some other girls… (at least the number of temptations is smaller…?)

Lately I’ve been trying to reevaluate the shoes in my closet and make sure that all the ones I have, I like, AND are reasonably comfortable.

I have a pair of Dr Martens White Rose Stencil Boots 1C57 and a pair of Frye Belted Harness boots, but if I wear them all day, they tend to rub the back of my heel. If you google “breaking in leather boots” lots of people say it takes a while to break leather boots in (and yes, specifically Dr Martens). I think I’ve probably worn each for maybe 5 days total. I’m guessing I need to keep wearing them almost every day for at least a month (or how long is normal?) These are companies that people swear by.  But I’m not sure what  a boot that fits me well should truly feel like.

I had my eyes on a pair of Dr Martens Triumph 1914 Boots (Black). (Yes, the ones that Amy Pond wears in Doctor Who)… but really I just really like them. But I shouldn’t get them if they’re going to hurt my feet, right?

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