The Twin Baby Princesses and Appa

The Twin Baby Princesses and Appa

My friend Crystal bought these Disney baby princesses outfits for the twins this past October. Miss R is dressed as Cinderella and Miss J is dressed as Rapunzel. They are 0-3mo size so I wanted to make sure to get more photos of the girls in them before they outgrew them! I love that the baby princesses outfits have lapped shoulders and are made out of knit to make them easy to put on and comfortable for babies.

The quilts they are on were made by my friend AJ. Aren’t they lovely? They have Alice in Wonderland prints on the triangles and has little tabbies that babies like to play with. (There are two coordinating quilts, one for each baby.) The pretty monogrammed initial pants were made by my cousin Jennifer.

I wanted to get some photos with the Christmas tree before we took it down and with the giant Appa plush we got them for Christmas from Avatar The Last Airbender. We’re just sure the girls will like this series when they get older and regardless an Appa plush is pretty adorable for babies to roll around on.

(This post should perhaps be titled: “what dorks do with their babies”?)

Twin Baby Princesses

Twin Baby Princesses

Miss R:

Twin Baby Princesses

Miss J:

Twin Baby Princess

Twin Baby Princess

Youta, “What is going on here, human?”
Twin Baby Princess

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Wow! So cute! And what happy looking babies!!!! Are these photos with your new lens?

Thankyou! Yes, it’s the Lumix 20mm 1.7 . My friend Anika recommended it and I really like it so far for indoor photos of the babies. It’s fast enough to get good photos, even in lower light and it blurs the background some like I like. 🙂

Awesome! My husband is the photographer (I prefer cameras for the impatient- just point and snap and everything comes out in focus hopefully) so I passed on the lens to him to look into. He’s been trying to decide if he should upgrade the lenses or the camera completely. But, I don’t understand the technology much and when he starts to talk about it I very quickly begin to fade into lala land. Oh btw – a friend of mine had an incredible underwater camera when we were in Hawaii. I remember on the older posts you indicated you hadn’t found a good qaulity one you liked.
Pricey but his photos on land and underwater came out great. I’m thinking that may be my next camera but it’s a bit expensive for now.

That’s part of the reason why I got the camera that I did (micro 4/3rds) because it has a lot of point and shoot qualities, but if I want to try to use the manual functions, it has a lot of those, too! Also, it has some of the quality of a DSLR, but much smaller size. My husband knows almost nothing about cameras but can use it. I ended up getting this camera:

It comes with a basic zoom lens which is pretty nice, but I find for lower light situations indoors, the 20mm fixed lens ( ie no zoom… which I took these shots with) works better. I also have a 45mm I think if I remember right. 🙂

Thanks for the link! I think next time we go someplace snorkleling, we’re really going to have to look into getting a nice-ish underwater camera of some kind.

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