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- | The Wizarding World of Harry Potter West
My trip to the soft opening of Wizarding World of Harry Potter in California and my DIY fascinator and Gryffindor outfit.
Harry Potter Wizarding World

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter West

We had a great time visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (west) during it’s soft open!

(This post is belated!) I hadn’t been to the one in Florida and had intentionally avoided looking at too many photos of it, so I really enjoyed exploring the new California one! I was so impressed to the attention to detail and the overall ambiance of the area. All the employees were very nice and in character as well which made it really fun! The rides were fun, the merchandise was AWESOME and the food was really good and themed, too! I look forward to going again!

Me and my friends Diana and Michelle with the Hogwarts Express. We are all Gryffindor! I really loved how charming the train conductors were. They had a lot of fun.


My outfit was Gryffindor themed! I made a fascinator! I sewed strips of red and gold fabric together and covered a small piece of scrap buckram I had. I covered the edges in trim using hot glue and added wired ribbon on top and some stash gold charms. Sometimes just doing things the quick and dirty way is fine! I got a lion bracelet and gold belt from Amazon and wore it with my Automatic Honey Angel Tears brooch. It was really fun putting together this themed outfit. I had been looking forward to visiting Wizarding World for a long time so I wanted to make sure to have something fun and themed to wear.


My dress was custom-sized from Eshakti. As a side note, I really love Eshakti. As a tall lady, I love getting their dresses customized to my measurements or changing the sleeve length as I like. If you do decide to order, I recommend doing very accurate personal measurements and ordering one item to start out to make sure the measurements and fit are correct.


Look how cute my Gryffindor friends are!


This guy was amazing!


One of the resident wizards teaching the twins how to cast a spell! Many of the shop windows were interactive. If you got a special wand from Olivander’s wand shop, you could do spells with those windows! You had to move your wand in a special way for each spot.


Diana and Michelle doing a spell!

Belated video of @binkxy and @iamchubbybunny doing spells at #wizardingworldofharrypotter #harrypotter

A video posted by aimeesteinberger (@aimeesteinberger) on

Belated video of @binkxy and @iamchubbybunny doing spells at #wizardingworldofharrypotter #harrypotter

A video posted by aimeesteinberger (@aimeesteinberger) on

@binkxy getting sorted ✨ #gryffindor #wizardingworldofharrypotter #harrypotter

A video posted by aimeesteinberger (@aimeesteinberger) on

Adorable magic tea displays! #wizardingworldofharrypotter #harrypotter #tea #harrypotterworld

A video posted by aimeesteinberger (@aimeesteinberger) on

The twins really loved The Monster Book of Monsters 💦💕 #wizardingworldofharrypotter #harrypotter #harrypotterworld

A video posted by aimeesteinberger (@aimeesteinberger) on

Enjoying refreshing beer and a breeze with a view of Hogwarts!hp04

Delicious themed food!



I loved all the displays inside windows and in the top of the shops!


hp08 hp09

Us on the Hogwarts Express!


hp16hp10 hp14

My Hogwarts haul! Owl, Ollivander’s ash wand, Fleur Delacour’s wand, tickets to Hogwarts, Love Potion, Gryffindor sketchbook, Ministry of Magic pin, #Hogwarts pin, Gryffindor Headgirl pin, Yule Ball pin, Gryffindor patch.




The whole area became even more charming as the sun went down!hp19

hp07 hp20 hp21 hp22 hp23

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