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Just incredible! Good for you being productive during bedrest! I crocheted during mine 😀

1 week…o…m…g!

So darling! Will you add any initials or name to them once they are born?

I was definitely considering that, especially so that they could later know whose was whose. 🙂

Absolutely gorgeous work! You’re going to have very lucky little girls ^_^


Absolutely beautiful work.

Thank you!

Very beautiful!!!

why are you so amazing?! and congrats!

Hey Aimee!
We’ve kind of moved in similar circles at various points (DoA, egl) but never interacted all that much – but I was looking for a lolita mums group, saw your name on a Facebook comm and thought “Aimee has a baby?! Wow!!” and had to come look you up. So I hope it’s not creepy of me to get all up in your personal journal to say I’m so happy for you and congratulations on your beautiful little girls! Your nursery and these christening gowns are just incredible, I literally did the increasingly-high-pitched “awwww!” when I saw them, haha. I hope you guys are handling everything okay (I had a baby earlier this year and the idea of having two at once is maybe the tiniest bit daunting to me >.<) and that your daughters are doing well!
All the best,

Hi, Jo! Thanks so much for the sweet compliments! It’s not creepy at all! I have to admit, I’m sick with some awful cold right now and the girls are only a month old, so you can imagine how exhausted we are! But other than that, we’re doing well and they are super cute, which of course, helps. 🙂 Thanks a bunch, hope you have a good week!

Beautiful work. Wish I could have made dresses like this when my daughters were infants. I have twins also but they are 42 years old now.
Been looking for patterns to make Angel gowns with in memory of our fourth daughter.

Messed up last reply. Wrong email

Thank you, I’m glad you like it! Good luck in your search, I’m sure you’ll make something lovely.

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