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- | Twin Unicorn Dresses in a Wildflower Field
Photos in wildflower fields of my twins in their homemade Violette Field Threads unicorn Rosemary and Matilda Dresses.
Violette Field Threads

Twin Unicorn Dresses in a Wildflower Field

I made these unicorn print dresses for the twins this spring and forgot to post them here!  These were made with the Rosemary and Matilda patterns from Violette Field Threads. 

The fabric is “Far, Far Away” from Heather Ross and is a particular favorite of mine! It’s inspired by the famous unicorn tapestries. One of my favorite animated films as a kid was the Last Unicorn, which also has artwork in it inspired by these tapestries. I’m still hoarding several yards of this to make another special dress with later! I’ll be sad when I run out.

The twins seemed to find these dresses pretty and comfortable. They loved that I added little basic square pockets for them. Kids love pockets! The dresses themselves were relatively easy to make and I liked the elastic aspect of them. Since they are larger than they need to be and are fit through elastic, they will probably fit the girls longer even though they are growing very fast. The apron was somewhat time consuming with all the pin tucks. If you are a beginner seamstress I think you could handle the dress and perhaps a more intermediate or more advanced beginner could handle the aprons more easily.

We went out to wildflower fields near us for golden hour. The twins and I really enjoyed it. I try to pay attention to pages that track local wildflower areas so that I don’t miss them in the spring. We were very lucky to be able to find these as the poppy fields we had gone to in previous years did not have a good year this year. I encourage you to try to find out about when various flowers bloom in your area so that you can take advantage of them! I really like to try to see flowering trees like sakura and plum as well as wildflowers, wisteria and roses when they are in their peak.

I was really grateful that the twins decided to be hams and enjoy letting me take photos. Sometimes they can be shy or sullen about it, but instead this time they had a ton of fun dancing together and hugging each other while I took photos. Over and over they would dance and then fall over into the flowers and laugh. What an absolutely lovely day. I know I’ll treasure these photos for a long time! I used my Olympus Pen EPL3 to take these photos. I’m not a professional photographer but I get a lot of great use out of this little camera!

IMG_6972  IMG_6970 IMG_6969

Then another day we went Descanso Gardens with the pinafores. The twins really enjoyed exploring the roses. I wanted to see the roses here before they went out of peak. Descanso Gardens has over 3,000 rose varieties. Some of their roses are old fashioned or antique roses that only bloom once a year. We also enjoyed exploring the koi ponds in the Japanese garden.


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    I can’t handle how adorable your girls are ;_; I want to squish them

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